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Evie Kristine [Pizza Party] Presented By Angrymoon.net

Funny story. About a year ago, we were shooting one of the most famous tattoo models in the world at the time in the Angrymoon.net studio, Alesandra Nicole. We were having the time of our lives shooting Ale, when she looks over at us and asks, “Is it cool if I invite my girl over?” Hmm… This is a trick question. The id says: “The more girls the merrier.” The ego says, “Hold up. The shoot we’re having with this amazing model is going so well what happens if the balance is thrown off? What if the new arrival talks too much or smells or for some reason doesn’t want to get oiled up and join in? What if her girl was unattractive and jealous or in some other way undesirable and becomes a problem and is un-kick-out-able? Alessandra assured us that none of our fears would be manifested.

Enter her girl Evie Kristine. What can we say about Evie Kristine?

Sufficed to say that a lot of oiled-up fun was had by all that day, but it was an Ale shoot; it wasn’t an Evie shoot. We promised ourselves that we’d shoot Evie solo one day and that was that.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, when we attended the Inked Magazine party at Sapphire New York and randomly ran into Evie. She was looking amazing and we suggested doing the proper shoot we had sworn to ourselves we would do way back when.

When Evie walked into the studio, she looked every inch her best and even better. Shit was starting off exactly where we had hoped it might, but there were a few things missing – a tiny thong leotard that we could stuff her ridiculous curves into and some pizza. Evie is a pizza snob, so we embarked to the local American Apparel to grab some clothes, while researching pizza options. AA gear was gotten and everyone settled on Domino’s pizza in the end [See Editor’s Note]. Here at Angrymoon, we often use food as props, but I’ve never seen a pizza abused like that in this particular shoot. Pizza got smeared on skin, twerked upon, and ultimately eaten… but probably not in that order – you get the point. It was a mess… a beautiful, beautiful hot mess and the pictures were amazing!

[Editor’s Note: Angrymoon hit us up one night and said that he was shooting Evie Kristine and we needed to be there. Okay. No! Angrymoon was adamant. We were going to love her! Okay. Here’s a little secret, The Super-Id kinda sorta takes the weekends off. You may not know it, but we have a lot of work to do and are generally busy individuals, so the weekends are meant to be filled with pizza, beer, catching up on TV, laying down in the horizontal position, and other various leisurely pursuits. But Angrymoon was so fucking adamant that we would love her, so we cleared out our Saturday knowing that a simple Angrymoon shoot turns into an all-day, or all-night, or a part-of-the-night into the next day shoot.

Fast-forward. We get to the Angrymoon studio and Evie Kristine was already there. Go figure – a model who is punctual. Here’s the rub – Evie Kristine isn’t really a model, despite being in luminous print/web publications such as 504 Dymes, Touch, Southern Vixens, IAdore, Thick, GGurls, Dynasty Series, and AAdymes. She’s just a cool, hot chick with a ridiculously huge ass that likes to take sexy pictures. PAWG. The Super-Id isn’t about objectifying women, but Great Caesar’s Ghost!, Evie Kristine’s gluteus MAXIMUS spells maximus with capital letters. Always the professional, it was extremely difficult shooting her. Dat Ass was simply hypnotic. We wanted to play butt bongos on it. We… we were speechless… except about the pizza! Evie Kristine claims to be a pizza snob. Love love! The Super-Id considers pizza to be the perfect food group as it can combine all four food groups. Ray’s Pizza on 6th & 11th. Joe’s Pizza on Carmine. Or hit up Artichoke. Nah. The self-described pizza snob was more than content ordering Domino’s. We were speechless. What a night!]

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Evie Kristine

Evie Kristine


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