Evie Kristine [Independence Day]

Evie Kristine Presented by Angrymoon.net

So I’m not sure what to tell you about this one; it just sort of happened. We shot Evie Kristine a few months ago on and it was absolutely amazing! This is the tale of our most recent shoot with her.

Evie calls Angrymoon up and says “hey, I want to do something to celebrate the Fourth of July.” The problem was when she called us it was the Fourth of July. There wasn’t really a way to do a shoot, style it, retouch it and post it in enough time for it to come out on Independence Day. But the fact is that we love Evie and we’re going to do whatever he could to make this whole thing a reality. So, fuck it…

Evie Kristine is a party when she comes over. This time was no different. Let us back up. Here at Angrymoon we realize that no two of our shoots are going to be the same but a lot of them do follow some sort of formula:

  1. Model shows up.
  2. Introductions
  3. Drinks
  4. Model gets sexy.
  5. Hanging out occurs whilst step 3 and 4 are happening.
  6. (Optional) The medicine man most likely shows up at some point (and tries to hang out with us).
  7. Medicine man is kicked out. (Again, optional – sometimes he can totally hang out though)
  8. We take hot pictures.
  9. Everyone leaves happy.

We’ve known Evie for a couple of years now and we’ve got all these steps down to a science. Our shoots are like a well-oiled machine at this point and this one was no different. We took tons of hot pics and the shit was online on the 5th.

Side note and public apology: Evie had an early morning meeting the day after we shot that she missed. It wasn’t a really late shoot and we were super efficient and when we shoot Evie, like we stated, its always super buttoned-up and organized. With that said; we are truly sorry that Evie missed that meeting anyway. We are blaming the aforementioned medicine man.


[Editor’s Note: The Super-Id wasn’t able to make this Evie Kristine shoot. And we’re sad because of this. Why… you thought we were devoid of all emotion? {Devoid of the complex ones. The basic ones we got in abundance} The first, but not foremost reason is that when Angrymoon shoots stills, The Super-Id shoots the video. So there is no video evidence of this go-around which is a lost the whole world will feel. No, the main reason we are melancholy is that we dig Evie Kristine. 98.26% of the women we shoot are cool and quite righteous, but after meeting and shooting Evie, you wanna hang out with her and do shit… and it’s not just because she has a ginormous butt that is 100% all natural and organic and hypnotic as hell. That has a lot to do with it, but it’s not the only reason. (Pregnant Pause – taking a minute or two to fondly reminisce about dat ass – okay, we’re back!) Evie is cool as fuck. She’s really smart. And she’s always down for a good time. She’s a rider… and who doesn’t want to rock with a rider? Now we just need to get a hold of that big ole brain of hers and get her to contribute to this Super-Id piece we’re working and need her help on!]



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