Sabrina Louisa [Vodka and Baby Oil]

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Can you imagine a far-off land with countless and untold treasures full of unlimited adventure, exotic women, and venereal diseases? On the surface, most of that sounds really amazing, no? You’d want to go there, no? That’s how the ANGRYMOON crew sees London. We love it there and we come in peace and want to leave disease-free and with great pictures and stories.

In the UK they have this thing called Studio66TV. It’s fucking brilliant. It’s a TV show that features amazing girls that viewers can call in and talk to and have phone sex with. Conceptually it’s quite simple and perhaps too high-brow for the States, but here at ANGRYMOON we love it.

It was while watching Studio66 that we were introduced to Sabrina Louisa  (“Louisa Fox” on Studio66). At that moment, we decided what the purpose of our next UK trip was – Operation Photograph Sabrina Louisa.

We came to find that this Sabrina Louisa woman was absolutely no slouch. She has a degree in law and criminology and it is generally known that she has genius-level intellect. She ended up being really amazing and open and was down to shoot with us for some reason!

The shoot was a debauched party with baby oil, an inflatable duck and vodka shots in an overpriced tiny hotel room on Liverpool Street. At one point the air conditioner broke down and we had to call a repair guy to come fix it post-haste. The repair guy showed up and we continued shooting while he was tinkering with shit in the ceiling trying to make the damn AC operational. We even incorporated him into a few of the shots while he was working and to his credit, he kept a stiff-upper-lip about him and continued to dutifully fix shit, while Sabrina Louisa is inches from him oiled up and wearing some of the teeniest bikinis and leotards that I’m sure this dude had ever seen. I get it. If I came to fix an air conditioner and ended up next to a sexy UK TV personality I wouldn’t complain either.

We had another model scheduled to shoot with us right after Sabrina Louisa and thank the gods she cancelled, so our shoot with Sabrina Louisa could go on way after it was scheduled to end. Thank the gods again – she was open to shooting extra set ups!

The shoot went so late that she had to do a scheduled webcam from our hotel room. By this point, the ANGRYMOON crew was all partied out and passed out under the desk in the “office” area of the room we booked whilst Sabrina Louisa cammed. Literally, we were partied under the table.

London is always amazing and this shoot was definitely up there with The Battle of Kings Cross!


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