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Lucy Pinder

All Hail The Queen

For some oddball reason, the United States has a deep rooted fascination with all things royal England. If the most popular female Brit – Page 3 Girl, Lucy Pinder – was Queen, then all the attention would be justified.

I like London/England/Great Britain/United Kingdom. Really I do. I truly enjoyed my time there despite the food issues, the communication issues, and the weather issues, but I reveled in the diversity of the land, the culture, and the fact that workers leave to go drinking around 3pm. There’s a lot to dislike about English/The British/The United Kingdom (the first being, what is the difference between these three?) The world’s grievances against the Royal Family and their kingdom is endless. Rather than focus on the negative, Super-Id chooses to turn its attention to the positive. And Crikey! (English slang, [trying to be inclusive]), the women out of the U.K. are simply incredible. Let’s not discuss what comes out of their mouth, as we said, we are focusing on the positive – and no woman is more positively positive than Lucy Pinder, the true Queen of England. Or is it Queen of Britain? Or the U.K.?

Here is a video as an extra treat.


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