Ines Helene Interview

This portion of the interview was conducted via WhatsApp voice texts.

S-Id: Now that you’re Instafamous, how long and how far do you think you can take this?
IH: Tricky question. I don’t know. Everything goes in waves. One day you’re in, one day you’re out, so maybe it’ll be like that, but I sincerely hope or I feel that people have an interest in me, so I think as far as developing my own business and continue from that point. Everything depends on what I do for the next few months. 

I would like to add… no… I would like to rephrase that. As long as I consider it worth. As long as the good outweighs the bad; that’s how long I think it will go and how far. When it no longer becomes fun, or if I feel that it’s suffocating me then, that’s the time to stop.
S-Id: When do you think you’ll have your official website launched and ready for public consumption and what would it entail?
IH: I think by June I will have it ready. I think it will have a blog, my newsfeed, Instagram, Twitter. Some information about me, and slowly I’ll build up my own portfolio. I’m still working and thinking of ideas.
S-Id: So you were a student. You’re on break now from uni. What is your current source of income? People wonder because they see the lifestyle you choose to show on Instagram and they wonder how you make money.
IH: (Laughing) I have already explained that I make money off of my sponsorship deals. I haven’t begun all my deals yet, but I signed pretty big deals and that’s how I make money. I make enough to live a comfortable life.
S-Id: Who are your current sponsors right now?
IH: I’m working with a hair company for extensions. My main, main one is Body Shredz program and they are developing a new brand and I can’t talk about it until it’s released. And then I get monthly – a few clothing companies that want to advertise and they give me money for that. Or even people who want me to shout them out. I can make two, three hundred pounds just by one shout-out. I’m gonna work with a big vodka brand soon. That will be coming out as well.

I don’t think anybody has the right to insult me and then be shocked, because I delete them or block them. If you don’t like me, then you don’t have to go on my page. 

S-Id: One of the criticisms levied towards you is that you monitor your Instagram comments like a hawk. And you constantly delete comments about you. A. Is that true, and B.) if that’s true, why?
IH: No, I don’t monitor my Instagram [like] a hawk. If I post a picture and people write stuff, of course, I’ll see it. And if I go back 23 weeks, and look at some comments written about me, no, I don’t. Everyone has to ask themselves, would you want someone to write ‘oh, you’re a whore… blah, blah, blah’ on your photos. I’ll delete comments that I don’t like. [There’s] nothing weird about it. I don’t think anybody has the right to insult me and then be shocked, because I delete them or block them. If you don’t like me, then you don’t have to go on my page. I’m not going to sit here and [condone] people bullying others because they don’t like my boobs, or don’t like my ass, or my way of living. If you don’t like it, then just don’t follow me. There’s no need to sit on my page and comment on stuff. It’s doesn’t create a nice environment. And no, I don’t watch my Instagram like a hawk, at all.

If I was to post on your Instagram and comment ‘You know what? You’re a cock blah blah blah sucking piece of shit. Your mother is a whore blah blah blah…’ I’m sorry, would you want that written under your picture? No. My parents check my Instagram. That’s not something I want my family, my parents to see. No.
S-Id: I want to get your thoughts on the dark side of your career, your professional life. And I’m specifically talking about stalkers. I don’t want or need to name them specifically, but what is your experience been life with fanatical fans?
IH: Most recently throughout the year there’s been one particular person who’s been contacting me by email and harassing me. It’s been very intense. The emails have been very very long and somewhat threatening. That’s the dark side. That person has been looking for information about my family. Trying to add my father’s personal Facebook or my mother’s Facebook just to find some information about me. And that has been very scary for me because the things that are written are very personal stuff and most of them are not accurate. I think how does this person going about finding this information. It feels like this person is stalking me in every single way. If I would tweet something, I would literally get an email about it twenty minutes after. It’s been intense stalking. I’ve contacted the police because it’s harassment. Just because you don’t like me, it’s not fair you go and write inaccurate stuff and try to defame me on different websites. It’s just not right. You can dislike a person and just stop looking at their page, but this is just pure obsession. The emails have been very lengthy. I’ve showed them to some of my friends and they’re like how do you put up with this? It’s quite scary when you think of it. I actually had some fans before threatening to kill me… not fans, but fanatics, threatening to kill me and threatening to take me to heaven with them and all these kind of bizarre stuff. Most recently and throughout, it’s been this one person sending me very lengthy emails trying to make up stuff about me.

Ines Helene sent us a screenshot of an Unabomber type of email from someone with the ability to make grown men feel icky and embarrassed for men while reading his words on a computer screen. 

If it’s not implants, it’s Photoshop. These things will always, always come up. These accusations will always come up. I’m not bothered.

S-Id: I know we discussed it and I want to go over it for a point of emphasis because it will be the most dissected portion of this interview. Your claim that you’re all-natural, which means you haven’t had any sort of surgery or any work done. I know you said you have extensions, but your stand is that your face, lips, nose, eyes, I read ears, breasts, waist, hips, butt, any part of your body, all that is 100% natural without the help of Botox, fillers, injections, lifts, surgeries, cutting, slicing, dicing, adding, filling. Is that true? Is that your stance and your claim?
IH: Yeah, that is true, but I can’t say that I’m completely natural. My waist wasn’t this small. I started waist training at 16. 16, 17. And that was way before that was even popular. I saw Dita Von Teese and I thought Wow!, that’s so womanly. My parents did not like me waist training at all, but I did [it] for a very long time. I stopped just this last year. I did it for such a long time I grew accustomed to it. But you have to do it continuously. I’ve already noticed my waist isn’t as small as it used to be. I don’t have any implants. I haven’t had any surgeries. I may get a boob lift (laughing) when I get older, but that’s it. I’m just tired with validating these crazy people who think their opinion matter. It’s tiring. These people, even if I answer, they will still do this [question her] because… it’s not going to stop anything.
S-Id: What are your thoughts on girls who get plastic surgery? Would you get it in the future? Are you a fan of it? What are your thoughts on enhancing or augmenting body parts, because clearly it’s a pervasive thing going on globally and you see a lot of it on Instagram. So I think that’s part of the reasons why people lump you [in] and assume you’ve been augmented. Ines Helene Interview
IH: I’m all for plastic surgery. If you want to get it, if you want to have something augmented or done, go ahead. Just do what makes you happy. I’m not anyone to judge anyone. Each to their own.
S-Id: Do you photoshop your photos? Do you take your selfies and use an app on your phone, Photoshop, or something similar on your computer to alter your image and then upload them to Instagram?
IH: No. If it’s not implants, it’s Photoshop. These things will always, always come up. These accusations will always come up. I’m not bothered.
S-Id: For the record, and this is the last question regarding the topic: you, your boobs, and your ass… 100% natural. 100% real without the help of any doctor. I want to get that statement so we can put it on the record and people can reference it and stop asking questions.
IH: (Exacerbated) Oh my God. Yes! 

S-Id: Ok. We got that for the record. On a lighter note, what models are you a fan of? You mentioned Dita Von Teese earlier. What other women you admire or simply are just a fan of? Instagram model. Singer. Celebrity. Whatever.
IH: I admire all women. I love Rihanna. I think she’s one of the most sexiest women alive. I just love women in general. Form. Shapes. I just find the female body as one of the most beautiful things. I love women.
S-Id: Regarding your personal life, what are your plans? Marriage? Kids? House? Picket fence? A dog and a cat? What do you envision for yourself personally?
IH: I just want to be happy. I want to find someone who makes me happy. A healthy relationship and all that entails. Kids. Marriage. Yes, I’m ready for that. 


[Editor’s Note: The Super-Id knew this Ines Helene interview would cause some stir. Instead of writing a story about Ines Helene, we just wanted to present her words directly. Since the posting of Part 1, we’ve gotten some feedback on the site and on our Instagram and would like to address them in this space.

We conducted a video interview with Ines over Skype. It was never meant to be a public-facing video. That was a Super-Id choice. It was never a consideration. Skype connections are shaky. Screencasting video on a laptop is shitty quality. There were too many factors that would compromise the quality of the content for us to go down that route. If Super-Id were to do a video interview with anyone, it would be in our studio and professionally done as to bring you the best quality content we can produce. In addition, because we are Skype stupid, you would see our faces in the Skype video screencast, and we prefer to have our fans be a fan of our content and the site and not because of our personal sexiness that would be in full display in the video.

We can attest that the woman claiming to be Ines Helene who chatted with us for over two hours is indeed the same woman on the Instagram feed. We saw the quote on the wall in the background of many of her Instagram photos. We tested her with questions that the person we communicated with for months on Instagram would only know and she answered all of them accurately. We have openly questioned if this was a catfish situation, and we feel confident in stating she is who she says she is. No need to call Nev and Max.

Finally, as men, yes, Ines Helene is an extremely attractive woman. Her body is indeed sick and as noted in the interview, we got thirsty only once. Sorry. We’re men. The hell you expect – the #thirsttrap is strong in Ines Helene and us.]

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  1. Omagus

    Here’s the thing about all these people claiming that Ines is fake…so what? What if she is? I’ve never understood why people care at all, much less try to do all the detective work that so many seem to have put in. I started following her on Instagram 8-9 months ago because I saw a ridiculously beautiful woman and wanted to keep seeing more of her. I’m not going to pretend that I never wondered if she’d had any work done or why there was never anyone else in any of the pictures…but ultimately I knew that none of that mattered. I don’t know her. I’m never going to meet her. If her entire existence is a lie, it doesn’t affect me one single, solitary iota. I really don’t understand why grown men would rather try to tear her down rather than just appreciate the pictures she posts.

    And the escort allegations are definitely just a way for men to shame women. What’s more, it’s all birthed by a sense of insecurity. Men see a woman that they know they will never have a shot to sleep with, so they accuse her of sleeping with other men. One day maybe, our society will evolve to the point where the idea of a woman actually having sex won’t be seen as a flaw on her part.

    Do you, Ines. And enjoy the hell out of yourself while you’re doing it.

    • Siggy Freud

      Yeah. You’re right.

      A couple of things:
      When you’re as smart as we are, people tend to agree with all the wisdom you spew and they say things like “yeah” frequently while having conversation. (Willing to bet as you read this reply, you are whispering ‘yeah’ to yourself.)

      We have the most able bodies transcriber in the universe. Our transcriber transcribes how much silence happens between breaths. We had to edit our transcription otherwise the interview would have been 10000 words easily. Ines says “yeah…” and we say “so….” We left some of both utterances in the interview just for sheer flavor.

      Lastly, part of our Search Engine Marketing strategy was to corner the market when people search for “ines helene yeah” and I think we’re golden! Try it out and see how it goes.

      Thanks for the engagement. Appreciate it and hope you enjoyed your visit. We mean that sincerely.

  2. Lucy

    The thing that grates once people is the lies most women on social media make about their bodies being natural whilst promoting fitness brands, when in fact they have had surgery. Ines looks like she has has a Brazilian butt lift, lots of women have that procedure even kim katdashina has had fat taken out of the waist etc and into her butt. It’s nothing new but Ines has had an amazing job done. Perhaps if she just admitted that she’s had work done then she would just be appreciated for being hot without all the negativity that she has lied. Her friends have mentioned that she didn’t have that butt when she was younger and it’s quite obvious being Serbian that a body like that is not something they have. Instead of brands promoting her body saying that it comes from hard work in the gym is false advertisement. In this day and age where a lot of people get cosmetic surgery, perhaps people should be more forth coming about what they have had done instead of lying and selling a dream that is fabricated

  3. Siggy Freud

    This is Freud from The Super-Id. We messed up. We knew that our Ines Helene post would attract attention, but we underestimated the type of attention it would receive. After a more careful review, we noticed a pattern in the Comments. A small group of the same people posting using different aliases and email addresses. This type of weirdo, fuck boy/girl behavior is not condoned on this site.

    James Connor
    Ben Ihana
    Anna S
    Georgey Boy

    These aren’t ten commenters. These are three commenters making multiple posts under aliases. If you have a comment, stand behind it. Save your elementary school bullshit for elementary school. As a result of this fuckery, Super-Id will be reviewing comments overall, exercise greater scrutiny in our commenting publishing process, and research other commenting systems to prevent fuck shit like this happening in the first place. We are leaving the comments up on the post with this message so all visitors understand the situation and the fact that we are addressing it.

  4. Paul

    I really don’t give a shit if she had work done or not. If it’s surgery, it’s well done which to me is what matters. Don’t see the obsession with some people about that. She’s fucking hot which is why I follow her on Instagram and can’t wait for her to post another “buttshot” ( I hope the word catches on. Hate belfies too).

  5. Gutterville

    “A humble person who is funny who enjoys life. I want to meet a good heart. ” She actually means someone with very deep pockets, which in my opinion there is nothing wrong with because who doesn’t like to be taken care of.

  6. Mock

    Just a brainwashed little girl with insecurities who tries to mimic the African American culture . It’s sad,
    Anyone with any weight training knowledge can see that is abnormal gluteus development , and she lacks the fat around her upper legs and arms to give it any form of credit to being real . I feel sorry for her and society . The only real reason she is famous is because of guys being so visual and thirsty . If we could control our minds and just say ‘oh just another narcisisitic poser with no real talent at all’ and then block her never seeing her again , the world would be a better place. Hey thirsty guys ? Go to Brazil or Colombia , you’ll see girls way hotter than her .


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