Molly Qerim
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Molly Qerim

Molly Qerim, The Pigskin Princess

Sadly the football season is over. As much as we enjoy basketball, it doesn’t have the sense of drama that football has to offer. To get your football fix, you can turn your attention towards the NFL Combines and check out the meat market of NFL hopefuls. Needing a hit of some NFL coming off of that pathetic Super Bowl (from a fan of the game’s perspective), I actually tuned into the NFL Network. And to my surprise I discovered Molly Qerim.

The sports world is a mess these days. Blame ESPN and talk radio. We are in the era of the sports commentator. Former coaches and players have second careers discussing sports. They don’t always articulate their thoughts well. They don’t always speak with great eloquence. They can be laborious to watch. And that’s what the NFL Network threw Molly Qerim with these bozos! I don’t know what show she’s on. I don’t know the three or four dudes (okay, I know Jeff Garcia, but I begrudgingly admit that) she has to wrangle. I do know that she makes me not miss football when she’s on the air. And that is a miraculous feat and makes us want to spike the football. Go Molly Go!

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