Pashence Marie
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Pashence Marie

Lord, Please Give Me The Pashence Marie

Yes, it appears that I’ve used the Lord’s name in vain, but we are talking about Pashence Marie, so I think the Almighty will let us slide.

We can only imagine the number of jokes and commentary someone named Pashence must receive everyday, but it’s not everyday that people see a woman who looks like Pashence Marie. You’re taken aback. You’re smitten. You want to impress. You think, ‘let me be funny. Chicks like funny guys,’ so you try to make a joke. And what’s the lowest hanging piece of fruit out there for you to make a funny about? Her name. Pashence Marie. And to be frank, we were going to go for that low-hanging fruit too. We had a bunch of ‘patience/Pashence Marie’ jokes lined up. But that’s corny. And frankly, we’re really distracted and find it super hard to focus on being funny as we scan down Pashence’s Instagram timeline.

Another thing that is tripping us up is that we have a one degree of separation from Pashence. She’s worked with our people over at the Black Tape Project. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Black Tape and witness the genius firsthand. After running through Pashence Marie’s TL, we need to hit up Black Tape and try to make something happen. Not sure how long we can wait… (Fuck! Kill us! This may be the worst thing we’ve ever written. So distracted… damn her!)


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