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Desiree Elyda | Boo Thang


Crush is the right word to describe how we feel about Desiree Elyda. She’s such a damn sweet girl. She is hot. She is talented (a model with an actual talent [art], go figure?). She follows back on social media. We have the same Tumblr theme (Super-Id’s looks better though…). She fucks with the Wu. She loves French Bulldogs (then again, who doesn’t?). She has an incredible pair of soup coolers. She writes funny things in 140 characters or less. Once upon a time, she agreed to shovel our driveway after a snowstorm. All of this makes us forgive the fact she’s Canadian.


This following videos are for the perv in you.

Crush on Desiree Elexyda

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👽Greetings earthlings👽

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Like witches at black masses🔮🎆🌙🌘🌌⚡

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