Daley Look Up
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::Today’s Song | Daley – Look Up::

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Daley – Look Up

Daley Look UpBlame Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke. Or thank them depending upon your point of view and taste in soul music. R&B was damn near exclusive the purview of African-Americans, but blue-eyed soul has had a vein running through the genre for decades from the days of Elvis. What makes Daley an interesting genre-busting act is not only does he sound Black, but he sounds like a female. Close your eyes. Put on your earbuds or better yet your headphones. Play Daley. Groove. And tell us he doesn’t have that female falsetto. Mike had a falsetto (if you don’t know we’re talking about Michael Jackson, you need to hurt yourself). Prince has a falsetto. Maxwell. The list goes on. But you knew they were dudes singing. Daley, due to the over-saturation of musical choices and a lack of video presence (guessing here, since we don’t really watch music videos on TV like that) could easily be pegged as a female since so very people have actually seen, if not heard him. We’re guessing because he sounds high on estrogen, Daley resorts to this very manly man haircut.


We kid Daley. We kid! Do You! Your haircut doesn’t make you more effeminate. Just keep pumping out these hot songs and you’ll be alright. But you really need a music video for this song. 

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As an added treat, here’s Daley performing Look Up live for Billboard Studio Session.

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