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Tessa Fowler – Black Cat Teaser

Tessa FowlerThe timing couldn’t be more perfect (well, it could, but I’ll explain in a sec…). Growing up a geek and comic book head, I am patiently waiting to peep an 11am matinee showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And because the universe works in funny and mysterious ways, I come across a video of Tessa Fowler. You’re saying what I said – who the hell is Tessa Fowler? I have no idea who Tessa Fowler is, but I do know the hero/villain she’s dressed up as – The Black Cat. For the non-comic book nerds out there, Black Cat is a central figure in the Spider-Man storyline over the years (so yes, the universe would have been on-point if it timed my discovery of this right before seeing the new Spider-Man 2, but hey, what can you do?). We have no idea what this is a teaser for. We’re doing the same as you – digging up as much Tessa Fowler images as possible – and staying tuned in.

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