August Alsina
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::Today’s Song | August Alsina – “Get Ya Money”

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August Alsina – “Get Ya Money” Ft. Fabolous

Who says hip hop doesn’t have a heart? Or rather R&B with a tinged of hip hop. You know what I mean. Most R&B songs are just about sex – let’s have sex, we’re having sex, or we had sex and I want to have sex again. I still bump it, but it does become monotonous after a while. When August Alsina debuted with his song I Luv This,” it was without question a hit record. Come on… with lyrics like:

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Goddammit I luv it, I luv it
I luv it, I luv it
Goddammit I luv it, I luv it
I luv it, I luv it
So I’ma keep on drinkin’ cause I luv this shit
And I’ma keep on smokin’ cause I luv this shit
And I’ma keep on grindin’ cause I luv this shit
She tell me keep fuckin’ cause she luv this shit; and I luv it


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I Luv This became a strip club anthem. It even spawned a male R&B Perfect Storm Trifecta with Trey Songz and Chris Brown joining August Alsina in the I Luv This (Remix). With rhythm and bluesy lyrics like:

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Goddamnit, I love it…
She said she just got her some titties (she said she just got her some titties)
Can’t wait ’til I come to her city (can’t wait ’til I come to her city)
I smoke ’til I choke and I’m dizzy
The liquors invadin’ my kidneys; been chillin’ and I feel like killin’ you niggas
Bitches been missin’ me lately (ohh), they love it when I talk to ’em crazy (ohh)
Suck a nigga dick, do it with alot of spit, let it drip, yeah catch my babies
Ohhh-whoooa, that’s my baby


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You feel the romance. So it only makes sense that Alsina falls up the score to ratchet females with a tribute record to women on their grind. Yes, we are talking about strippers!

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Single mother and child, working hard for them dollars
Girl we got something in common
Making money with vowels
See you pussy poppin at Onyx
Keep it clappin at Magic
Got them niggas tricking that chalice
Come on making this happen
Girl I love seeing your back bend
They cashing out and you cash in
They going broke and you workin
Back broke when you twerkin
I know how hard this shit can be when income is uncertain
Hardly just to make a way
I know you’re thinking
Damn I hope somebody spend some money today
And I pray nobody come and try to take it away
Cause I’m just out here doing what I gotta do
Cause all these fuckin bills are due
And I see all this money to make
So girl you know that


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Talk about noble. This is August Alsina dude… He has no issues whatsoever with his main chick droppin’ it like it’s hot getting rained upon with a cascade of dollar bills wearing clear 6″ pumps smelling like Nivea lotion with a body covered in glitter. I’m mean… she has bills to pay. Thinking about it, the song makes sense. Think about it, instead of having a woman depend on a man for paying her unsecured credit card pushing the limits of her credit, go out and ask every dude sitting down if they want a private dance. I respect that. August Alsina, modern romantic.

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