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::Today’s Song | Mø “Don’t Wanna Dance”::

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“Don’t Wanna Dance”

MøArggh! I have issues with this song despite how much I like it and . This may have well been the theme song for many a female I rolled up on at the various clubs I attended to when going to clubs was once a thing to do. “Don’t wanna dance.” “I don’t wanna dance.” “I don’t feel like dancing.” “I don’t wanna dance with nobody.” Unfortunately, I’ve heard it all before. Sucks. I’m low-key sad now.

Mø’s lyrics are harsh.

I don’t wanna dance with nobody /
Dance with nobody, d-dance with nobody /
I don’t wanna dance with nobody /
Dance with nobody, d-dance, oh /

comes around by clarifying things towards the end of the song.

I’m on my own and I’m crazy for you /
Get the creeps by the way your body moves /
I don’t wanna dance with nobody /
Dance with nobody, d-dance with nobody but you /

Saying someone gives you the creeps isn’t exactly something any guy wants to hear, but at least she’s willing to dance with you despite your creepy body moves. is quite the romantic.

Sidebar: All the women who didn’t want to dance with me, it’s cool. It was just a ploy to try to have sex with you. I really didn’t want to dance anyways.

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