The Internets is filled with stuff, so much stuff it seems like a job just to keep up with it all. Here at Super-Id, we like to keep it simple – one thing, whether it’s a photo, video, song, or whatever, they we think you should fucks with. We call it Today’s…

Stephanie Sigman

FX Network knows what guys like in their television – compelling one-hour dramas with violence and hot chicks. If they continue doing that, they’ll blow out every metric they have for their male viewership. It’s worked with most of their shows, and the trend continues with the Mexican border cop show, The Bridge. What also works on The Bridge is Stephanie Sigman who plays Eva, a Mexican damsel-in-distress on the run from all sorts of bad guy stuff that you find south of the border. Men, put on your Superman capes; Stephanie Sigman needs saving.


Soft-stalk Stephanie Sigman…

Stephanie Sigman

Stephanie Sigman

Miss Bala

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