Elle Varner
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::Today’s Song | Elle Varner “Don’t Wanna Dance”::

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Elle Varner “Don’t Wanna Dance” Ft. A$AP Ferg

[intense_row] [intense_column size=”3″][intense_image image=”9925″ size=”small” alt=”Elle Varner” title=”Elle Varner “Don’t Wanna Dance” Single Cover” shadow=”1″ border_radius=”5px”][/intense_column] [intense_column size=”9″]I remember the first time I saw Elle Varner. I got invited to some event downtown. Frankly, the only reason I went was because my homegirl invited me and I knew there would be free booze {God bless the industry!}. I don’t recall what the event was, who it was for, or anything truly substantive about it except at one point, they had a panel on stage and I saw Elle Varner. I didn’t catch her name, but Lawd Have Mercy, I got an eyeful of her southern hemisphere. The waist-hip-ass ratio was bananas. I’m talking about, fuck all discretion, but I need to know who is that and I have to talk to her right now. Sadly, I wasn’t able to socially engineer a pow-wow between Elle and myself {her loss}.

I’ve ran into Elle Varner here and there and unfortunately that is my relationship is with her music – running into it here and there. I can’t name one song of hers. I could tell you what she was wearing the first time I laid eyes on her, but I’m at a loss to even hum a hook from her discography. But this may change with “Don’t Wanna Dance.”

I can get with this Elle Varner record – think about it, don’t wanna dance. Allow me to reminisce for a moment to a time where clubs and parties were the main venue for me to meet women. The constant at clubs and parties were music. And music always lent itself to dancing. And asking a woman you want to make it happen with more often than not required you asked her to dance. Here’s a little bit of male insight – most men don’t give a damn about dancing. We don’t care… unless that dancing allows us to get into the batter’s box in the baseball dating metaphor. Hell, there’s a R&B song about the whole thing {great song, for the record!}! Dancing is all about bumping and grinding for me. Period. But now with 200BPM EDM taking over every damn thing and the disappearance of dances floors and the expansion of bottle services and velvet ropes, dancing is now the domain of the music video, since it doesn’t happen IRL. That’s why I like the simple notion of women not wanting to dance. I don’t care the rationale. All I know is my shoes won’t get stepped on, I won’t lose the spot I was holding down in the venue, my drink won’t get spilled, and your drink won’t spill on me and my white dinner jacket.

Someone buy Elle Varner at drink at the club… since that’s the only other way of trying to make it happen… unless you’re one of those guys who goes up to women and just say hello and introduce yourself.


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