Pole Dancing
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::Today’s Video | Nikki Nichole Pole Dancing::

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Nikki Nichole Pole Dancing

That Ne-Yo “She Wants” video got me into a zone. It’s all about pole. Pole dancing… that’s where my head is at. I may even go to the strip club this weekend and see some women putting themselves through college while doing calisthenic on the pole. Be clear, I haven’t been to a strip club in years. Years. I’m talking close to a decade. The two times I went to those midtown, mafiaoso strip clubs in NYC don’t count, as I only went because a business associate dragged me, and I had to maintain good relations with dude since I needed him. Anyway…

Pole Dancing. Let’s focus. On the wonderful world of Vimeo, I came across Pole Dancing Supreme, Nikki Nichole. Keeping it real, it’s one big tease video. It’s shot from a distance. The camera trucks from side-to-side all the damn time interrupting the pole dancing flow. But gripes aside, Nikki Nichole is sexy and she knows how to work that piece of brass. And for that, we will keep everything in perspective. It’s all good.

Shout-out to AD Studio!

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