The Internets is filled with stuff, so much stuff it seems like a job just to keep up with it all. Here at Super-Id, we like to keep it simple – one thing, whether it’s a photo, video, song, or whatever, they we think you should fucks with. We call it Today’s…

XO! “Starin’ At It”

Staring at XO! And Wondering

Okay… I have no idea how old XO! are. They look young. If you don’t clearly look over twenty-one years old, you look young to me. Ariane Grande? She looks like she should be getting ready for middle school. Yes, I know, she is twenty-one, but to illustrate my point, type into Google “How old is…” and the first thing that Google suggests is “Ariane Grande.” I say all of this because I don’t want to be John Grisham. But Super-Id is a pop culture site and we think with our big head and little head, but in this case, the big head is doing all of the thinking and talking.

With that said, if you feel comfortable starin’ at XO!, knock yourself out, little head thinker. For the big head thinkers, close your eyes and see if you enjoy the song “Starin’ At It.” For those who can confirm the girls in XO! (Helene Brittany, the singer and Malibu Miitch, the rapper) can drink without using their big sister in college’s ID, please let us know. We don’t want to get a visit from Chris Hansen.

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