Polina D.
All imagery used courtesy of Said Energizer.

::I Am #CandyGirl: Polina D. | Today’s Video::

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Polina D.

Russian #CandyGirl, Polina D.

Fuck yeah, Russian. I can’t keep up with every bit of world news, but I know the world is pissed at Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Putin’s wrestling a bear. Putin’s beefing with Pussy Riot. Putin is trying to annex countries like life is like a video game. Putin is guest-starring on Netflix’s House of Cards. So the United States – Russia relations is a little bit icy. Not Cold War icy, but definitely not warm and fuzzy. That brings us to this Russian gem, this Russian ruble!

I think the guy/guys/company is called Said Energizer. Despite not speaking Russian and unwilling to run his website through Google Translate, I’m left to wildly speculate on what is going on here and act like my interpretations are gospel. We have Polina D. Polina D. is what I’m figuring is really hot Russian blonde. The Russian part is speculation, the rest of the assertion is 100% on point. She is smoking hot and really knows how to ramp up the sex appeal without violating any United Nations’ statues and shockingly without revealing her Siberian tundra. I enjoyed the video so much, I was willing and able to ignore what I presume to be Said Energizer’s cameos in the video. Loose fit tank top. Thong. Lollipop. Hair pulling. Tights (or stockings or yoga pants – I’m a guy and can barely tell the difference). Yeah… who are we to nit-pick.

Shout out to the Said Energizer.

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