Stefanie Knight_The Peep Show_The Super-Id

::Stefanie Knight | Major Maple Leaf | The Peep Show::

Stefanie Knight | Major Maple Leaf | The Peep Show

Stefanie Knight Gets Patriotic

Stefanie Knight_The Peep Show_The Super-IdShame on us. The Super-Id and linked up with our now favorite Canadian citizen Stefanie Knight a while ago. We all got together and had a hell of a really good time. We took pictures. Stefanie Knight was all oiled up. We drank liquor – Fireball and Bulleit bourbon. We laughed. We had a good time. And we had evidence of it all that resulted in a gallery we posted on the site. But dammit, we had video. And for various reasons, we’ve never shared Stefanie in all of her glory with the world… until today. We feel bad. We shared a gallery with you, but what’s a photoshoot with a USA bikini and baby oil with no video.

As an olive branch to Stefanie, we placed the Canada flag foremost in this post. And to you the viewer, here is out behind-the-scenes video; the first of The Super-Id Peep Show video series. Enjoy.