Stefanie Knight
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::Stefanie Knight [Ice Cream] // Presented by

Stefanie Knight [Ice Cream]

Stefanie Knight, Canada’s Girl Next Door, Presented by

Got a random call from Jiggs. He wanted me to shoot a Bullwinkle from north of the Rockies. I don’t know anything about Canada, but was up for an adventure [Editor’s Note: we had a discussion for about six seconds whether or not to shoot her after a quick Google search]. Enter Stefanie Knight.

Stefanie Knight is half-Canadian/half-amazing. I’m convinced she is also about ⅓ Haitian, but that’s only because she’s cool as fuck and for some reason has that laid-back island vibe about her. Obviously all those fractions account for more that one whole person but as you can see Steph is bulging in all the right places so it’s completely possible that she’s hiding another person in there or something.

When we shot her we had the very best time and may or may not have killed a bottle of Fireball (which has now been outlawed in a few states due to its antifreeze content) anyway, It was SUCH an amazing day with this bombastic bubbly brunette (now a beautiful buxom Blondie). We’d work with her any day of the week and twice on Sundays. We’d shoot her in a church, we’d shoot her in the dirt. We’d film her on a plane, or a train… long story short: Stefanie Knight is like green eggs and ham… She’s amazing!
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[Editor’s Note: this shoot happened this past summer when it was hazy, hot and humid in NYC, so it’s only fitting we drop it now when the snow apocalypse has descended upon the eastern seaboard. Hopefully we’ll survive long enough to share with you the tons of Stefanie Knight content we were forced at gunpoint to shoot. Stay tuned for more as we’ll be dropping exclusives from this shoot and more on our respective IGs: [Stefanie Knight,, & The Super-Idand Twitters: [Stefanie Knight, & The Super-Id.]
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Stefanie Knight Online

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