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The saying is “the only thing better than (synonym for cat that begins with the letter P and ends in the letter Y and has two Ss in there somewhere) is new (read the last parenthesis). While Super-Id subscribes to this theory for the most part, we still have an appreciation for those classic, timeless gems that always will be dear to our heads (both of them) and heart. This is dedicated to them… Throwback

Raquel Welch

It’s odd putting Raquel Welch as a Throwback because the reality is that she would still get it to this day.

Recently had a conversation and the name Raquel Welch was dropped. I had to pause and fondly reflect for a moment. I vividly remember watching One Billion Years B.C. and just being transfixed. It wasn’t the compelling plot (wasn’t that compelling) or the great acting (umm… yeah, the acting wasn’t that great). It was the fur bikini. And the woman adorned in it. Raquel Welch. She brought out the caveman in many a men.

Dig into Raquel Welch on the Internets.

Raquel Welch's Wikipedia

Move onto Wikipedia, source of all things true regarding Raquel Welch…

Raquel Welch IMDb

Check the credits.

The Real Raquel Welch Facebook

Raquel Welch is on Facebook? Raquel Welch is on Facebook, indeed.

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