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::Throwback | Lil Kim (The Original Version)::

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The saying is “the only thing better than (synonym for cat that begins with the letter P and ends in the letter Y and has two Ss in there somewhere) is new (read the last parenthesis). While Super-Id subscribes to this theory for the most part, we still have an appreciation for those classic, timeless gems that always will be dear to our heads (both of them) and heart. This is dedicated to them…


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[intense_lead font_color=”#00cbf7″]Lil Kim isn’t old. Lil Kim is still in the business. But Super-Id celebrates the girl we used to know and love. We Used To Love H.E.R.[/intense_lead]

Lil Kim (The Original Version)

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Lil Kim is preggers. Lil Kim is also a fat Asian gremlin. Lil Kim used to be the shit. Now she looks like shit. Damn shame. I had a Crush On You. Pour out a lil liquor for the old Lil Kim, you know, the black, brown-eyed, brunette we all knew and loved.

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