Kim Novak
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The saying is “the only thing better than (synonym for cat that begins with the letter P and ends in the letter Y and has two Ss in there somewhere) is new (read the last parenthesis). While Super-Id subscribes to this theory for the most part, we still have an appreciation for those classic, timeless gems that always will be dear to our heads (both of them) and heart. This is dedicated to them…


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Kim Novak

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Alfred Hitchcock is rolling over in his grave.

Oh Hollywood… what is it about you that makes people lose their minds? Last night the 2014 Oscars and the world collectively gasped when Kim Novak walked out to present. You fell into one of two camps upon seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s muse: who the hell is Kim Novak or Kim Novak is still alive? Regardless, everyone wondered what the hell happened to her face; she resembled Mickey Rourke in drag. Damn shame. Father Time is undefeated, yet it seems like everyone in Hollywood thinks a scalpel is the fountain of youth and justs end up being a Twitter Trending Topic like #KimNovakLooksLike and the subject of a Throwback post on

Super-Id has been fortunate enough to have several eye-pleasing memories of Kim Novak when she helped bring one of the greatest directors of all time’s films to life with Vertigo.

It’d be a shame to have the last impression on Kim Novak be that monster we saw on the Oscars. Yes, we know, she’s 81 years old. God Bless Her. There is no shame in being 81. Looking like a RoBeast is though. So let us celebrate Miss Novak when she was a stunner and not looking stun-gunned.

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