Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass
Photo courtesy of Nicki Minaj and her record label.

::Today’s Music Video | Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass N****s::

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The internets is filled with stuff, so much stuff it seems like a job just to keep up with it all. Here at Super-Id, we like to keep it simple – one thing, whether it’s a photo, video, song, or whatever, they we think you should fucks with. We call it


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Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass N****s

So… Super-Id isn’t a Nicki Minaj fan. Can’t name one song. Pretty sure she released the same album three times just adding a couple of new songs and adding words to the album title. Her award show performances and outfits are kooky. But there is one thing we cannot deny Ms. Minaj – dat ass!

So do what we did – watch the video several times with the volume muted. Enjoy the desert visuals since the eastern seaboard is a snowy mess. And hope there is an extended version with more of Nicki Minaj’s chief asset.

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