Pharrell Williams GIRL
Photo courtesy of Pharrell Williams and his record label.

::Today’s Song | Pharrell Williams – Hunter::

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Pharrell Williams – Hunter

The Allan Quartermain Theme Song

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Pharrell Williams GIRLPharrell Williams is on top of the world. His 24-hour music video, his Oscar nomination, his Arby’s hat, his new album G I R L, his The Picture of Dorian Grey deal with the Devil. Dude is winning at the game of life.

Caught up in all the Happy and hat adulation, folks may have missed out on arguably the best track on G I R L, where the old grimey Pharrell rears his head out from his Happy hat and simply sings about going Allan Quartermain on females – straight hunt mode.

Me thinks that people forget that Pharrell was a notorious pussy hound (no dry-snitchin’) and dude was beastin’ for a while. Now dude is married and having light banter with Ellen Degeneries in Hollywood, the grime from his VA days has been forgotten. Hunter is a reminder that Pharrell Williams is still a grimey dude and because of that, we still fucks with him.

Just because it’s the middle of the night /
That don’t mean I won’t hunt you down /
Cause I’m in, deep inside /
It’s pullin’ me and I want your love /
You and I should be gettin’ it right /
Ain’t no sense in you holdin’ on down /
If I can’t have you, nobody can /
This an animal singin’ that’ll hunt you down.

This is some Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield-type of shit. No Drake’in’ allowed here. Fuck your lavender candles.

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