Carmen Ortega
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Carmen Ortega


For those uninitiated in the Spanish culture the name Carmen Ortega may sound incredibly generic to your culturally-virginal ears. God bless the fact that Carmen Ortega is ridiculously far from being generic, although her backstory is definitely made-for-television.

As you will invariable do after looking at this post, you will Google Carmen Ortega and aside from the many pictures of her prancing and frolicking around on the beach, you’re going to see a smorgasbord of websites detailing her involved romantic life. We could take the time to discuss Reggie Bush, Lebron James, and Justin Bieber, but if she isn’t dating me, I could care less [Carmen, if you wanna holla, hit me up on Twitter or IG]. Until the time comes where I take Carmen to either Cheesecake Factory or Grand Lux Cafe, I’m just going to have to happily settle for her pictures online and her latest scandal. You know it’s coming! But until then, where in the world is Carmen Ortega? Who knows…



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