Lucy Liu
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Lucy Liu

I Lust Lucy

Lucy Liu. Here’s another woman I lust/like/love. I can’t remember when she first stepped on the scene, but it seems that Lucy Liu has been a part of the Hollywood establishment forever. Despite having a one-hour drama on the most-watched network, CBS, with Elementary, Liu has never been that A-list female celebrity. Never on the honor roll but with a B+ average in every class, this is the root of the Lucy Liu appeal.

Without all that Hollywood TMZ furor, Lucy Liu can just be Lucy Liu. You know you’re not going to suddenly see her with a new nose or a new ass that she claims she generated through boot camp or some super squat sessions over the course of three months. She’s cool with being who she is – a Smurfette-sized, freckled face, really cute to smoking hot Chinese actress who stays getting a check in Hollywood. It’s just a damn shame I refuse to watch her show. It’s on CBS and I’m morally against anything that airs on CBS. I just can’t do it, no matter how much I lust/like/love Lucy Liu.

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