Michael Jackson
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::Today’s Song | Michael Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good”::

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Michael Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good” Ft. Justin Timberlake

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson. It’s still hard to resolve the fact that Michael Jackson is gone. Mike was the last star in our universe in my opinion. I’m talking about star. Go to the remotest part of the world and they know who the hell Michael Jackson is. People eight to eighty say “Oh shit, it’s Michael Jackson” when they see Michael Jackson… when he was alive, that is. Sorry, Biebs. You don’t fit the criteria.

Normally I am abhorrently against posthumous albums since they are nothing more than a money grab by the labels as they Frankenstein bits and pieces of the dearly departed artist’s work in a Herculean effort to get at least 8-10 songs in what could loosely described as an album. “Love Never Felt So Good” is classic Mike, which is problematic since Mike is no longer with us and we no longer have the pleasure of hearing a Michael Jackson song that makes us feel so good.

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