Melanie Iglesias
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Melanie Iglesias

Code Name Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is ubiquitous. It might be because MTV2 uses the same cast of characters for every single damn show they air. Seriously. Check the TV Guide. Guy Code. Girl Code. The rest of the recycled stuff they show at 11pm on. I think their talking heads just sleep in the office, wake up, sit in front of a green screen, and start spewing shit they think is funny to a producer, cameraman, and boom operator, finish up, and go to show’s production room and do the same thing all over again. At least we get Melanie Iglesias multiple times. The name Iglesias was always and forever linked to the Latin Lothario, Julio Iglesias. As if one Iglesias singing wasn’t enough for the world, Papa Julio procreates and unleashes son, Enrique Iglesias upon the world to sing Latin-tinged pop songs upon discotheques across the globe. Simply, the surname Iglesias had become one of the plagues God utilized to punish mankind. Be thankful that the Lord is forgiving and has given us Melanie. Thank you God.


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