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Irina Shayk

I like Dwayne Johnson. The Rock. I’ve been off the WWF/WWE way before he was dropping the People’s Elbow on bikini brief-wearing sweaty dudes, so my Rock introduction was through his film career. And I liked dude, despite only seeing two of his films, The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King. I haven’t seen any of the The Fast & Furious series since the first one. Passed on G.I. Joe. Started watching Pain & Gain, but didn’t get passed ten minutes into it. I don’t know if The Rock can act like he’s paying attention, but I still like dude. That said, I was less than excited about Hercules. I mean, Brett Ratner directed it. Brett Ratner… yeah, not excited at all. But then when I saw the female lead, I immejetly started Googling trying to find out who was the female with the hypnotic eyes. This was my introduction to Irina Shayk and the likelihood of me watching a Rock film since The Mummy has increased precipitously.

I’m not banking on an Oscar-worthy performance from Irina Shayk… shit, I’m not expecting anything really good from Hercules. Did I mention that Brett Ratner directed it? But from the Hercules trailer, it looks like Hercules’ woman, meets an untimely fate. If you kill off a supermodel who is making her first acting appearance in a summer blockbuster, your name is Brett Ratner. Looks like I’m going to have to catch a matinee and find out for myself. 


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