Kirsten King
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::Kirsten King | Today’s Instagram::

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The Instagram Account of Kirsten King

I love geeks. Those computer guys who spend 20 hours a day scouring the web, looking at site after site, webpage after webpage. Through all that scouring, they come across jewels, diamonds, and pearls, and for whatever reason {thank God for that reason}, they choose to share these jewels, diamonds, and pearls with the world. The latest gem shared with me from these exalted geeks is the Instagram account of Kirsten King.

This was the first picture I saw of Toronto’s Kirsten King.

Gat Damn!

Who the hell was this? Instagram makes every halfway decent {or not} female think she’s a model, but this Kirsten King chick was beasting Instagram. I fell for the #thirsttrap immejetly and been hooked like a crackhead ever since.

I know what’s going to happen now. Kirsten King is going to blow the fuck up. She’s gonna gain 100K followers. People are going to make #thirsttrap memes out of here. Mona Scott will cast her on Love & Hip Hop Toronto – The Drake Edition. And she’s going to forget all about the geeks at Super-Id who made her Today’s Instagram one day in July. We just discovered Kirsten King and we already love and hate her. Got Damn!

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Gat Damn, indeed!

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