Michelle Monaghan
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Michelle Monaghan

We’re sorry, Michelle Monaghan

We here at The Super-Id owes Michelle Monaghan an apology. Miss Monaghan had a film, Best Of Me, come out this past Friday and we didn’t dedicate a post to her. Our lack of post has nothing to do with any sort of disdain towards Michelle Monaghan, as she is the prototypical good girl. Her niceness oozes from her pores. She’s the type of girl that your mom wants you to marry and dad isn’t mad at you for locking her down. The reason we forgot to give her some love is that we rather walk on glass laid on top of hot coals before seeing Best Of Me. You have to be a special type of romance film to get us to commit two hours in the theatre. Nudity, strong sexual content, drug use, violence help, but those elements aren’t typically fond in your standard Hollywood romance, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of getting our money. 

We’re not going to let something as sappy as a romance film prevent us from taking the time to admire the sweet young thing known as Michelle Monaghan. It helps that she looks like Ruth Wilson, who we are low-key obsessed with ever since seeing her for the first time in Luther.

We’re going to watch the Michelle Monaghan filmography we actually like to make up for the slight on our part. Cueing up The Bourne Supremacy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mission Impossible III, and True Detective

Sidebar: Who knew she starred in Boston Public with another actress we got a thing for.


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