Ines Helene
All imagery used courtesy of Ines Helene.

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Ines Helene

Ines Helene, Our Swedish Unicorn, Crushing All Other Women Crushes

There is a girl that magically, mysteriously appears and gets the Internets going bonkers. The last half of 2014 is dedicated to Ines Helene, who magically, mysteriously appeared on Twitter, Twitter!, and got everyone in a tizzy. Let’s go over what we know.

Ines Helene lives in London, England.

Ines Helene is of Swedish and British decent, in some way, shape or form. She tramples the notion of your stereotypical view of what Swedish women look like, cause Lord, O Lord, we have never seen a Swede look like Ines Helene.

Ines Helene is a finance and investment banking student. Can you imagine her down on Wall Street or whatever the British equivalent of Wall Street is? It’s not nice to generalize, but the massive amounts of paper investment bankers make tend to lend to investment bankers being dickheads and douchebags. So imagine how they will be like when seated next to her!

Ines Helene mostly takes photos inside her bedroom as she may be trapped or held kidnapped in there.

Ines Helene doesn’t always make her bed or close her drawers.

Clearly you can see a lot is still unknown about our mysterious Swedish Unicorn, other than we are crushing on her, and a trip to London is in order. Soon. Oh, one last thing:

Ines Helene still has not approved our Instagram request to follow her! This needs to be remedied, quickly!



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We’re curious. Tell us what you think of our #WCW, Ines Helene in the COMMENTS.