Lauren Cohan
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Lauren Cohan

Stay Alive for Lauren Cohan

What in the bloody hell? I like millions of people watched The Walking Dead last night. The whole episode was a Beth solo mission. Understand, I’m not into The Walking Dead because I get some perverse thrill out of seeing zombie gore. I’m not into The Walking Dead because I read the comic books and I think that Robert Kaufman has weaved some great narrative that is incredibly original and compelling, because it’s not. I watch The Walking Dead because it is Sunday evening entertainment and because of Lauren Cohan.

Imagine you are in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. You are in the outskirts of Georgia. You are banded together with a group of strangers all struggling to stay alive. And one of those strangers looks like Lauren Cohan. And the world may be ending. And the fate of the world may lay in your hands. And one of those strangers looks like Lauren Cohan. And the rest of the female strangers either look like jailbait or a granny. And one of those strangers looks like Lauren Cohan… I don’t know what Glen is doing or what Robert Kaufman and the AMC team is doing with Glen, but if that were me, I would convince that the future of the world rests in repopulate Georgia and it’s up to me and Lauren Cohan to make that happen. …And I would make that happen every single day. The world is counting on us. Me and Lauren Cohan.

Message to Glen: Survival… you’re doing it wrong!


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