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Maryse Ouellet

I remember the days when I was a shorty, and I would lay on the living room carpet in front of the television with my pops in the La-Z-Boy recliner behind me, as we watch wrestling. The WWF. Worldwide Wrestling Federation. Friday night. Saturday night. Life was sweet. You know that was a long, long time ago, since it was an era where I preferred to watch steroid-fueled sweaty men frolicking around on top of each other than anything else. God bless the fact that times have changed. If I would even consider giving Vince McMahon and his playground a chance now, Vince would have to put more women like Maryse Ouellet in the program.

Whenever a WWE {I still call it WWF because WWE sounds goofy} Diva comes on my radar, it makes me pine for the days of Miss Elizabeth {we’ve been here before}, and for those horny, Saturday morning watching fans of G.L.O.W. {Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). If there is going to be bare, sweaty skin rubbing against the bare, sweaty skin of the same gender, let it be hot divas like Maryse Ouellet. The days of La-Z-Boys are over, and so is the appeal of the WWE without the divas, especially Maryse Ouellet.


Soft-stalk Maryse Ouellet…

Maryse Ouellte

Maryse Ouellte

Former Diva
 Miscellaneous Information Married to Mike The Miz (I can’t comprehend anything after this fact…) 

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