Raelia Lewis
All images used courtesy of Ryan Rector.

::Stormy Monday Ft. Raelia Lewis | Today’s Video::

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Stormy Monday Ft. Raelia Lewis

Raelia Lewis, Going up on a Thursday!

Yes, publishing this Stormy Monday video on a Thursday instead of Monday doesn’t make much sense. Yes, it would be really, really appropriate if it was published on a Monday where it was stormy for most of the world, so they all could relate to the title. Yeah, I know. Here’s the thing – the Internets is global, and I can saw with the most certainty that it is never stormy everywhere. Shit, a Monday for you is a Tuesday for some and a Sunday for others. Plus, who cares? Stormy Monday the video is hot, and why would I sit on this and not rain Raelia Lewis and this Stormy Monday sexiness down upon all. Props to Ryan Rector. And props to the use of the T-Bone Walker “Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad)” track, but the original would have been way better than the Van Morrison version used.


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