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:: Emilia Nardini [All Black Everything] // Presented by Angrymoon.net::

Emilia Nardini [All Black Everything]

Emilia Nardini Presented by Angrymoon.net


Here at Angrymoon we are manly men. We aren’t gonna lie, the AM studio/loft is never pristine; sometimes we even leave the toilet seat up. The place gets trashed from time to time in the aftermath of parties or shoots or shoot/parties. We love to photograph sexy girls but generally speaking the Angrymoon loft is really no place for a woman.

When international models come to the States they always want to crash at the loft. Which, don’t get us wrong, is fine, it’s whatever… But sometimes they think it be a bit more glamorous than it is… This ain’t Arsenic and at the loft shit gets real [Editor’s Note: Shout-out to Arsenic Magazine who has our favorite Canadian, Stefanie Knight on there from time to time.].

We met super curvy U.K. Model Emilia Nardini this past year in London. We had a few great shoots there, so when the bubbly buxom brunette told us she was coming stateside for a week and wanted to crash at the loft while she was visiting, we sensed a bit of line-stepping. No, that’s wrong…  but it’s just that she or most models really don’t know how we here at AM get down; it really isn’t for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. Here at the AM loft/studio there will be girls, there will be baby oil, there probably will be drugs, there will be liquor and there probably won’t be a cleaning woman on hand to deal with the aftermath in any sort of short order.

We scrubbed the place down. Em flew in and showed up at the door step. The place was pristine for about 7 minutes. The party starts with Emilia almost immediately most of the time and this time wasn’t much different. At 24-years-old, this girl’s energy is insane. In fact most of the time it’s right at the line of being too much… too bubbly… too many damn bubbles. Also, sleep doesn’t seem to be a thing that she requires.

And so, again, we’d bitten off more than we could chew. Again we were being beaten at our own game by a super sexy British fem [Editor’s Note: Please reference Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth for more on this. Have faith. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you.] What are those girls eating over there anyway?!  They all seem to survive almost entirely on the concept of a good party, as if that is the nourishment that sustains them. The situation got so intense we actually had to send her out to shoot with other photographers like the great Hassan Kinley and Mike Matos among others just so we could catch our breath. 

These Brit chicks are intense. We had JUST recovered fully from the Battle at Kings Cross and now this! By the time all was said and done the loft had almost burned down and would have if not for the fact that there was a coat of baby oil over most surfaces. [Editor’s Note: Please note, baby oil is not flammable. You just learned something new from Angrymoon and Super-Id.] [Attorney Note: we DO NOT know if baby oil is flammable or not. Please do not try to find out. If you do, The Super-Id and Angrymoon take absolutely zero responsibility for what may happen. Word!]

[Editor’s Note: You may or may not have noticed, but we missed Angrymoon Monday as this is being posted on Tuesday. We have no excuse, but rather an explanation. We get busy sometimes. Busy trying to make Super-Id what we want it to be for you guys. And that busyness sometimes gets in the way of our posting schedule. We apologize for that. We know Mondays suck and we’d like to think our Angrymoon Mondays brings a bit of sunshine glistening off of a bare bottom covered in baby oil to your ravenous eyeballs.

With that, we hope you enjoyed Emilia Nardini. The Super-Id hasn’t met her yet, and to be frank, we’re glad. We might have invoked Tracy Morgan and repeatedly stated that someone is going to get pregnant. Please note: we are a bunch of guys, and guys don’t get pregnant. So figure it out from there. Hi, Emilia Nardini! Can’t wait to meet you!]


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