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::Angrymoon [Chaos Theory Pt. II]::

Angrymoon [Chaos Theory Pt. II]

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Hi! Sidney of the Angrymoon crew here. I wanted to take a minute and share an experience that the crew and I had this afternoon.

Today an absolutely stunning Parisian brunette stopped by the Angrymoon studio. She reached out to us on Instagram a few weeks earlier and we set a date for a shoot. Her deal is: she lives in Paris, but was stopping in NYC to see her boyfriend on a weekend when her boyfriend’s wife was away. This girl was out of a dream sequence. She was a sort of living version of Malibu Barbie, but with an accent and only slightly fewer plastic parts. She was a vision and the epitome of man-made fem perfection. Mankind has come a long way as a species… first we built the space shuttle and now we can build women that look like this creature that just bounced and giggled her way into the AM studio. Awesome.

The point of this story is not about this particular shoot or this particular girl, but the fact that there was a moment when we were filming this girl squirt oil on her ass and rub it in that I had a revelation or maybe it was a moment of clarity [Editor’s Note: Epiphany?]. In the middle of sipping a vodka soda and watching this French Barbie grease herself up, our realization was: we are some of the luckiest motherfuckers on the planet. We love shooting girls and I feel like we get to see sides of them the rest of the world doesn’t. Whether it be hanging out with the Dark Phoenix Incarnate, Aussie newbie Jessie Lee Edwards in a taxi on the way to Sapphires New York Gentlemen’s Club, while she orally abuses her own fingers in the wettest sexiest way possible or having the pleasure to have hang out with vets of the modeling game like Vida Guerra while she twerks for only our cameras (video coming soon… maybe.)

We’ve seen so much and the crew is so strong and we are all really thankful. With that said, we’d like to offer a toast: Cheers to the bad girls. Cheers to the good girls. Cheers to the new girls and cheers to the vets. Salute to the collaborators and co-conspirators like the dudes over at The Super-Id, who have been more than a metaphorical “partner in crime.” We have actually been partners in actual crimes… shhhhhh. [Editor’s Note: This is true. Ashamed to admit it. There is a certain fear factor when it comes to collaborating with Angrymoon. We are grateful for the collaboration, but at times we wonder if we are going to “make it” out alive and in one piece afterwards. Still got mad love for the AM crew!] Thanks to those dudes for helping to cover our tracks when needed and for helping to build our brand. Cheers to dudes like the Black Tape Project team for rocking with us. Cheers to all our fans for their support. Thanks to the power brokers like Angelina305 and The Dream Group for having our backs and the countless intros.

We are just some kids that like to take hot/dirty pictures and videos of the hottest models. Thank to all our partners for supporting that humble vision.

Thanks to babely team captain like Emilia Nardini for holding down the UK for us. Thank God for the fire stars like Mercedes Edison and the fire starters like Cara Brett. Girls like this make the glam game fun.

Thanks to the big bros like Gavin Glave for showing us the ropes and the inspiration. 

While I was watching this Parisian vision lather herself up today, I had these thoughts and I wanted to commit them to paper (figuratively). Until next week, friends… know that here at Angrymoon we know exactly what we are getting away with by living in this world of chaos theory that we have built and we are appreciative.

[Editor’s Note: This is an Oscar worthy write-up! Angrymoon just dropped stepped up to the podium, gave props to the entire team that helps make the fantasy real and proceeded to drop the mic. Not much more that we can say except thank you for your continued patronage of The Super-Id and Thanks for fucking with us!]

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