Mercedes Edison
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::Mercedes Edison [Yellow] | Presented by

Mercedes Edison [Yellow]

Mercedes Edison Presented by

Let me tell you something: Here at Angrymoon, we are all about fun and games. We like the good times, pretty girls, a drink and even the occasional drug or two [Editor’s Sidebar: The Super-Id does not condone the use, selling, distribution, or manufacturing of drugs, even though marijuana really isn’t a drug and the rampant prescription drug abuse by most of America isn’t ever including in the drums of the drug abuse rhetoric]. We don’t take life too seriously because life is good and meant to be enjoyed. But we need to be DEAD ASS SERIOUS for once – so listen up and listen close – MERCEDES EDISON IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST GIRLS ON THIS PLANET.

For those who had trouble hearing my capitals: MERCEDES EDISON IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST GIRLS ON EARTH PERIOD. 

How can we be so sure, you ask? Being around this British fireball is literally like hanging out around an actual fireball. She’s so hot that you can literally feel the sexiness radiating from her. You can feel it as a physical force. You can feel it as heat. This is not bullshit.

The first time we shot Mercedes it was an epic 16 hour long shoot two years ago. She wore US out! 

She’s a Maserati with tattoos. Mercedes is a Rolls Royce Wraith. She’s the Supermarine Spitfire that won the Battle of Britain. In form and moving how express and admirable she is.  She’s the Beatles. She is a one woman British invasion. She’s the inked up bees knees. 

We’ve shot her about seven times and have always had a ball and we look forward to shooting this lovely fem for years to come.

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[Editor’s Note: The Super-Id has never met Mercedes Edison, and quite frankly, we don’t want to. It’s not that we find her unattractive or she did something terrible to us. The fact that she may be a succubus simply terrifies us. Did you read Angrymoon’s commentary on her? Be clear, Mercedes seems to be the type of girl who will convince you to empty your life savings, get a tattoo of her on your left ass cheek, go to Vegas, Twitter shit-talk to Floyd Mayweather, Jr and dare him to meet you outside a strip club you just bought lap dances for Mercedes and yourself from all of the strippers in the establishment at the same damn time. Nothing good would come out of us hanging out with Mercedes. It would be fun. And memorable. And epic. But it would most definitely not be good. So we’re good simply posting Mercedes Edison, and not posting up with her.]
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