Jessica Canizales
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::Jessica Canizales [Random] // Presented by

Jessica Canizales

Jessica Canizales [Random] Presented by

Jessica Canizales is Brazilian. Brazil’s top exports are: transport equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, and coffee, but who needs that shit. Give us this. Give us Jessica Canizales. Jessica is a physical masterpiece of meticulous exactitude. Jessica is the reason that there is a stereotype about Brazilian women being the most beautiful in the world. She makes this point and puts an exclamation point on it.

Here at Angrymoon, we like words. One of our favorite words is fortuitous. We also like the word gratuitous, but we’ll address that one in another post in the future. The first time meeting Jessica Canizales was amazingly fortuitous.

The story went like this: a year or so ago, we all traveled to Los Angeles to conduct some very important business (the business of photographing hot girls). We were supposed to photograph super hot muscle mega babe Samantha Kelly. Samantha had to cancel at the very last second, but recommended we call her girl, Jessica Canizales. Of course we heard of Jessica, but until she walked through the door, we couldn’t believe that we were going to be so lucky as to actually work with her. Sufficed to say she killed the shoot and even filmed one of the sexiest videos for us that we’ve ever seen or made (Jess doesn’t do many videos). That was the first of hopefully many times that we will have the amazing fortune to work with this beauty.

[EDITOR’S NOTE #1: No animals were harmed in this shoot. No aliens were abducted in this shoot. No cigarettes were smoked in this shoot. Everything is this shoot was for artistic purposes.][EDITOR’S NOTE #2: Although we have known Angrymoon for years and years, Jessica Canizales was the first time we worked together. Okay, please note, Angrymoon invited us over to shoot video for an impromptu photoshoot with Jada Cheng in the LES, but that wasn’t in a professional capacity. I mean… we drank moonshine there. But with Jessica, it was as official as can be. So official, we didn’t really get to pay attention to how smoking hot Jessica was. Looking at the soon-to-be released video footage from this shoot, we think it’s amazing Angrymoon was able to focus the camera and we were able to hold the video camera steady. Thanks to Jessica Canizales, The Super-Id now has a new routine when it comes to shooting models – we take 5mins to discreetly ooohhh and aahhh at the model and look at her like the pervs all of you guys are doing right now with these pics. Thank you for helping us keep it professional, Jessica Canizales. We’re going to go oohhh and aahhh at your photos and video some more.]

[EDITOR’S NOTE #3: Shout out to Jiggs!]


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