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::Heather Shanholtz [Black and White] | Presented by Angrymoon.net::

Heather Shanholtz [Black and White]

A Night with Heather Shanholtz, Presented by Angrymoon.net

Well… what can I say about this one? All the elements were there (namely us, the Angrymoon team, Super-Id and the legendary Heather Shanholtz). We’ve shot Heather twice before [Editor’s Note: We still have another unreleased Heather Shanholtz gallery or two or three we’re waiting on unleashing to the universe]. We’ve written about our adventures about Heather before. This time it was different though. The first two times we shot Heather it was in Miami; it was on her turf. Here at Angrymoon we pride ourselves on the fact that we are New Yorkers born and bred. Miami is beautiful, sort of… in a gaudy superficial artificial sort of way, but there is a reason home court is called a home court. This time around Heather was coming to us. Imagine, Heather Shanholtz coming to our studio in NYC. Everything had to be ready. Every preparation was triple-checked. Trust us, this was a big fucking deal. Could it be that we were nervous…?  We’ll plead the 5th on that one.

The thing about Heather is that she has a real down home sex symbol vibe thing going on. She’s got that sexy nerd thing on lock and when she walked into the studio we personally couldn’t help but feel a little foolish for feeling so nervous. Let us rephrase that… Heather doesn’t really walk, she bounces. There’s a lot going on with that body and those ridiculous Barbie-like curves… it’s very calming to watch actually [Editor’s Note: Super-Id vehemently disagrees with this, but more on that later in the full Editor’s Note.].

Chaos Theory. That’s our mantra at Angrymoon.net. It’s almost our religion. We invite people to join us in that world of chaos when we shoot. That’s why our pictures have the reality they do. Before long the whole team was there – sexy as hell Heather, Super-Id filming and us shooting the fuck out of this thing. The world of chaos is like Vegas sometimes – you lose track of time and sometimes money. Before we knew it, it was 4am at the studio and the shoot was still going strong [Editor’s Note: please note, the shoot started around 6pm]. It wasn’t so much a shoot at that point, but a hangout session between friends punctuated by the taking of super sexy pictures of Heather in some of the tiniest Bitsys Bikinis you’ve ever seen!

It was a mission, It was a pleasure. And it’s always fun to shoot our girl Heather. And even though the ordeal probably took a few years off of all of our lives, we here at Angrymoon.net would do the whole thing over again in a fucking second!

[Editor’s Note: We have so many thoughts we had to outline them.

  1. Yes. Angrymoon.net and The Super-Id has been gone for a bit. We apologize. Life happens. We apologize again. We missed spreading chaos theory throughout the land and Internets. Yes. We usually drop Angrymoon posts on Mondays and today is Wednesday, so consider us either two days late or several days early.]

  2. This was The Super-Id’s first time meeting Heather Shanholtz. Yes, we’ve posted her before, but that was all Angrymoon. This time we were collaborating on the shoot. Angrymoon mentioned that it was calming to watch Heather walk around. This is complete utter bullshit. We were on edge the entire fucking time. Heather’s sexiness is palatable. Seriously. You can spoon that shit out of the air around her. You think impure thoughts when you look at her. It was an incredible struggle to be professional.

  3. Which leads to #3 – Heather Shanholtz is so fucking cool, you don’t have to worry about being professional, just be you. This girl’s heart is so warm and her spirit is so fun, time with her is a breeze. If Heather called us up right now and asked us to roll with her to an Amway meeting, we would be there just to spend more time with her. That’s how fucking cool Heather Shanholtz is. We would text her everyday just to shoot the shit, but we don’t want to come across creepy stalkerish. Her level of dedication to bring you heathens raw sexiness is unparalleled. There were several times we thought she was going to hurt herself with the poses and positions she was putting herself into. You have to love and admire this women’s dedication.

  4. Lastly, this shoot was pure, unadulterated madness. Seriously. We may have to put up GoPro’s on the walls next time just to show a BTS so everyone can see we are not joking. Liquor. Baby oil. The smallest bikinis in the Northern Hemisphere provided by Bitsy Bikinis. A total of five cameras. Lights. Audio. An interview with Heather that you won’t believe (and frankly may never see the light of day because of the insane footage that just can’t be shown). Things were so wild, we left. Yes. We left. It had to be after 7 hours of Heather that we packed up and left the studio. We couldn’t go on any longer. Death was knocking on our front door and back window. The next day we found out that Heather and Angrymoon went on til the sun came up. The Angrymoon crew is stronger than we are… at least that nite!

Hope you enjoyed. And we missed you!]

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