Olivia Marie
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::Today’s Video | VIP Eye Candy Olivia Marie::

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VIP Eye Candy Olivia Marie

Oh, Olivia Marie! Where have you been all my life? You are truly a wonderful blessing. You are a woman with depth and range. Let me count the ways.

You start off your VIP Eye Candy video dressed as a sexy teacher or sexy librarian. This takes me back to Ms. Stollworthy, my sexy 1st grade teacher who had I had a major crush. It was as major as a 1st grade crush can be. The glasses are a killer. Glasses on chicks are always welcomed. Nerd girls or girls who dress as nerd girls are always welcomed.

Then you start throwing money in the air making it rain; I don’t care it’s kinda played out (despite 99% of the population never doing it once) and it is possibly the most financially irresponsible thing someone can do. Seeing a female gyrate as various dead presidents flutter through the air is visually satisfying to me and my male brethren. Thank you, Olivia Marie.

Then you’re doing your best (or worst) Tony Montana/Scarface impersonation with a table full of blow. Now I can’t condone the depiction of doing illegal drugs, but I know from experience that women who do do illegal drugs can be incredibly fun to hang out with for various reasons that I choose not to discuss on this open forum. Women of ill repute. Sweet. With that… I approve of this scene, Olivia Marie. I mean, who doesn’t love to see twerking on cocaine.

And then we have to discuss the pièce de résistance, champagne and the kiddie pool. Wait… that’s not champagne… It looks like beer. As long as it’s not malt liquor, I’m okay. Liquor is fine. Malt liquor is not fine. Olivia Marie is a kiddie pool pouring some sort of liquor on herself is super-fine.

What else isn’t fine is the dudes in this video and the music. I had to put it on mute and occasionally close one eye and turn my head so as not to see these dudes who kill the vibe. The takeaway is when dressing as a sexy librarian, gyrating in a rain of money, twerking on a table of blow, and taking a booze bath in a kiddie pool, you shouldn’t have guys visible at any point in the video. Eye candy indeed.



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