Jason Derulo
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::Today’s Music Video | Jason Derulo “Wiggle”

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Jason Derulo “Wiggle” Ft. Snoop Dogg

Wiggle It Just A Little Bit For Jason Derulo

Songs and their music videos dedicated to big butts, phat asses, junk-in-the-trunk, feminine phat, donks, cabooses, fatties, rumps, the thickness, and ass sadly come down flat; look at Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” or the new jack swing anthem “Rump Shaker” by Wreckx N Effect. Two fantastic odes to a fantastic body part only to have less-than-mediocre videos, which make sense since as fun as the songs were, artistically and creatively, the songs were reflective of their respective eras: pop friendly West Coast rap and New Jack Swing. We expected too much to have visuals match the audio, when in fact they did – empty calories for sugary sweet music.

Hello Jason Derulo. You’ve heard of Jason Derulo whether you like him/his music or not. He is of the ubiquitous pop generation and with his latest album Talk Dirty, Derulo (and the label) makes sure that their music does the bizzaro-crossover from pop to urban as opposed to the usual urban to pop lane change. Shit worked. Talk Dirty resonates on all stations. Hell, I like it. Jason Derulo earned so much good will with his first single off of his latest album, Talk Dirty, that I’ve given “Wiggle” a chance. The lesson learned about Jason Derulo is to manage your expectations.

“Wiggle” is a lot of Jason Derulo shirtless, Snoop Dogg doing the patented Snoop Dogg sway (this is his 2-step minus moving his feet), a random Ne-Yo appearance, a ton of product placement, way too many male dancers, and a bunch of chicks without a lot of ass dancing around a bit. It seems that if you want to see phat asses dancing around to music is to either go the strip club or just jump on Instagram since Jason Derulo and Wiggle” doesn’t deliver.

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