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::Today’s Music Video | Scooter “Big Room Blitz”::

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The Internets is filled with stuff, so much stuff it seems like a job just to keep up with it all. Here at Super-Id, we like to keep it simple – one thing, whether it’s a photo, video, song, or whatever, they we think you should fucks with. We call it


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Scooter “Big Room Blitz” Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Scooter, the new Billy Blanks

ScooterEvery year there is a new fitness crazy. Let us randomly count the ways: boot camp, Tae Bo, cross fit, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Soul Cycle, Zumba, pole dancing. They come, they go, they stick around to some degree. I predict that Scooter’s “Big Room Blitz” will be the latest fitness craze.

Before Jimmy Kimmel became Mr. Late Night, he had a show on Comedy Central co-starring the completely detestable Adam Corolla. The closing gag on the show was The Juggies, the official mascots (in an overtly sexist non-sexist way), would bounce up and down on trampolines. It was titilating. It was juvenile. It was fun. 

What Scooter does with “Big Room Blitz” is turn bouncing on trampolines to 11. I see it now, 24Hr Fitness, Crunch, Equinox, LA Fitness, or maybe it’ll be some entrepreneurial young lady or a opportunistic horny, corny dude who comes up with a great, can’t miss business prospect – an exercise where women jump up and down furiously on trampolines while listening to suspect EDM with obligatory rap cameos on the track. 

Look at aforementioned exercise crazes.  You don’t see anything blow you away innovative. It’s all simple stuff. What’s more simple than girls and trampolines… not factoring in the lyrics to Scooter’s Big Room Blitz.

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