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Julie Meka

Journey To Meka

Arrgghh! Julie Meka. Maybe I’ve caught feelings and haven’t even met Julie Meka. She looks like that girl, that chick that just rides or dies with her man. She can clean up nice or keep it simple with a wife-beater, jeans and some Jordans. I like women like that. They keep things simple. And remember, us men, we like simple

Julie lives in Las Vegas. I can get over this fact. She like Air Jordans. I dig chicks who appreciate fine quality sneakers. She listens to Etta James. Who doesn’t love Etta James? She loves pizza. Love pizza. Repeat, love pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? She drinks Hennessy. I love Hennessy. Let me repeat, love Hennessy. You love Henny too!

I don’t know about you, but this seems like a match made in heaven. Or at the very least Las Vegas, which Julie Meka is making me reconsider.


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