Nicki Minaj
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::Today’s Music Video | Nicki Minaj “Pills N Potions”::

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Nicki Minaj “Pills N Potions”

The Nicki Minaj Bender

Nicki MinajI’m not a super Nicki Minaj fan. This is the case for many a reasons. I could list all the reasons and ways like the fact I still haven’t reconciled the fact that fake asses is not only rampant, but acceptable; she rides with Lil Wayne and Drake; and all of the weirdo Nicki Minaj personalities. I just can’t be bothered. Now add the fact that her bubblegum Top 40 pop music just doesn’t resonate with me. My godkids love her. My quasi-surrogate kids love her. Me? Not so much. Sorry Nicki. I love the boobies though…

Despite all of this, I’m not mad at “Pills N Potions,” the song and the video. It’s not that aspartame, stevia crap that so many artist feel compelled to put out in order to chart on Billboard. There aren’t any of those goofy wigs and costumes we’ve all grown accustomed to the Nicki Minaj brand package. And the substance of the lyrics means that there is little chance that little girls eight to eighteen won’t be singing it on the subway, blasting it through their ear buds, or have the opportunity to select it on karaoke. 

Listening to the lyrics… I’m lying, I had to look them up (looking at Ms. Minaj makes it hard to 1.) pay attention to what she’s saying, and 2.) take anything seriously at that moment), it’s nice that there is some introspection and reflection on life in the song. If the next Nicki Minaj album has songs that display a similar type of growth, trajectory, and narrative to them, maybe I can look beyond the ass and look at the artist.

Sidebar: this video kinda, sorta reminds me of a super low budget version of this video.

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