Robin Thicke
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::Today’s Song | Robin Thicke “Still Madly Crazy”::

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Robin Thicke “Still Madly Crazy”

Crazy Robin Thicke

Robin ThickeMessage to Robin Thicke: Stop it. You look crazy. This is out of control. Everyday a new video? Every award show you’re going to sing a song? Stop the madness.

Message to Robin Thicke’s record label: Stop it. Don’t let this mad man hold you hostage because Blurred Lines was a hit. This whole dedicated album idea is crazy. The new singles released everyday is crazy. The music videos are crazy. I understand the record business isn’t what it was, but it damn sure ain’t this. 

Message to Robin Thicke’s wife, Paula Patton: You did yourself a favor. Robin is clearly a mad man. You don’t need that in your life. What you need to do is avoid the radio and YouTube, since your husband and his record label are clearly assaulting it. Take some time off. Hit me via Twitter. I’ll come through with a nice, fancy bottle of red wine for you and some room temperature brown liquor for me, and I’ll help you get your mind right. You already know I care. Paula… I care. Stop playing. For real.

Sidebar: This dude is low. Yesterday’s Today’s Song was Forever Love, and the video was one big mushy, Charlie Brown cartoon. Now for Still Madly Crazy, Robin Thicke has resorted to using children. This may be the greatest emotional manipulation maneuver ever done in blue-eyed soul history.

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