Mia Valerio
All imagery used courtesy of Angrymoon.net

::Mia Valerio [White] // Presented by Angrymoon.net::

Mia Valerio

Mia Valerio [White] Presented by Angrymoon.net

I remember being at Art Basel. It was probably 2010. We were at the pool trying to hide from two things: the frigid NYC winter and our girlfriends back home who were furious at us for one reason or another.

We were at the pool. Weather is beautiful. The girls poolside were pretty. Life is great. My phone rings. 702 area code. 702 – Las Vegas. Vegas = trouble… usually the fun kind.

I never pick up my phone. I made an exception this time. A girl identifying herself as Mia Valerio introduces herself. Says she got my info from the infamous CJ Miles. CJ Miles is a legend in her own right, and she basically owns Las Vegas, or at least knows every pretty girl there. Sufficed to say, my interest was peaked and I sat up and listened. Mia let me know that she was headed to NYC and wanted to shoot (Please note: this is before Angrymoon.net was a thing. We were just some guys with cameras that loved shooting hot women. We had no crew, no followers, no nothing.) I didn’t know who Mia was, but would have shot her on the strength of the CJ Miles name drop. I asked her to send me a pic anyway. She did. It was hot and she was naked in it. This girl wasn’t fucking around.

A few days later she met us at our studio in NYC. It didn’t take long for shit to get nuts. Here at Angrymoon.net, for the models, the shoots are always clothing optional, but on this particular shoot, Mia didn’t seem to even consider any option that involved clothing. She rolled in, got oiled up, and let us shoot some of the hottest images and videos (seriously, wait until you see the videos!). One of our hottest shoots to date.

[Editor’s Note: Understand, Angrymoon and Super-Id have been cool for years. Years! But Super-Id was not at Art Basel in 2010. We didn’t get a phone call from CJ Miles. We didn’t get a text of a naked Mia Valerio from Mia Valerio. We weren’t at the studio when Mia Valerio came through and participated in one of the hottest shoots to date. Yes… we are still cool with Angrymoon despite all of this.]


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