Peta Todd
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Peta Todd

Nuts About Peta Todd

It’s been months and I’m still trying to come to grips with it. NUTS magazine, the UK’s and my favorite British laddie magazine shut down in April 2014, due to declining sales. This is sad. There was something nostalgic about buying an overpriced European magazine that was often sealed in plastic with hot British birds in various states of undress on the cover. Once you got the magazine and flipped through it (no one ever, ever, ever, ever read them), it was all soccer (oops, I mean football), beer, blood, and thankfully babes. One of those babes was Peta Todd. Through the pages of NUTS is how I became aware of Peta Todd and a whole host of other super hot British women that I regretfully never ran into during my sojourn in the court of the Queen. So as tribute to the fallen soldier known as NUTS and to models like Peta Todd, The Super-Id will be dedicating space to British models who will no longer be gracing the cover and plastic baggie of the gone-but-not-forgotten laddie magazines. To NUTS! To Peta Todd!


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Soft-stalk Peta Todd…

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Miscellaneous Information
Married to cyclist Mark Cavendish
Climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro for charity
Active rally car driver.
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