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::Ines Helene Interview, Part II | PillowTalk:

PillowTalk with Ines Helene, Part II

The Conclusion to the Super-Id Ines Helene Interview

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Editor’s Note: Where we last left off in Part I in PillowTalk, the Ines Helene interview, Ines Helene was addressing the topic of her body and allegations of plastic surgery, when we ran into some technical difficulties. We picked up from this point.

Super-Id: I’ll put it like this, once again, when there is highly debated topic and if someone skirts around the answer, it tends to lead people to believe the negative or…
Ines Helene: (Interrupting) They will believe the negative even if I say I’m all natural. I don’t know why people are so bothered by it. At the end of the day, I’m not forcing anyone to look at my Instagram. I don’t have implants and that’s it. 
S-Id: So then you’re natural? If you say you don’t have implants…
IH: Yes.
S-Id: Then you’re all-natural.
IH: Yeah.
S-Id: 99% of the world has seen you on your Instagram. And you wear these skin-hugging dresses and these outfits, and obviously with the photo with you sitting on the dresser, it’s gonna cause a commotion. 
IH: Yeah.
S-Id: Whenever girls see something that guys really like and gravitate towards, it makes them insecure. And guys because we’re so simple, we always want to know two things… There’s always a handful of things a guy wants to know.
IH: Yeah.
S-Id: What’s your race? Because we want to categorize you. And if you’re real or not. If God made this or a really talented surgeon made it.
IH: Yeah.
S-Id: That always becomes two of the most pervasive questions for any guy. Ines Helene Interview
IH: Yeah. 
S-Id: You understand why they want to know, right?
IH: Of course. Of course I get that question all the time. I’m not like… ‘Wow. Why do people ask?’ I understand why people ask, but it’s tiring.
S-Id: Also I think part of it is, for the girls, they want to know if you had work done, they want to know who your surgeon is so they can get the shit done themselves.
IH: I know. I have a lot of girls DMing me asking who’s your surgeon, who’s your surgeon. And if I could help, I would help.
S-Id: Because I have to cover it, I can say that you are all-natural.
IH: Yes.
S-Id: That’s what you’re…
IH: Yes. Yeah.
S-Id: I don’t have reason to disbelieve you. I know that people are not going to believe that.
IH: I know.
S-Id: You know… Have people asked for a before [photo]… like a picture of when you were a kid, or younger.
IH: Yeah. A picture of when I was younger. A lot of people ask me if I… photos from when I was younger. My friends who know, me, they obviously know that I haven’t had anything done.
S-Id: But there’s a picture [online]… do you know the picture I’m talking about?
IH: Which one? A lot…
S-Id: There’s a lot of them, right? It is a picture of…
IH: Is it with the flag?
S-Id: Yeah, it’s a flag and there’s a young lady in between two dudes.
IH: It’s so stupid. That was when Brazil was [hosting] The World Cup… and because I’m Bosnian myself, and there’s been tension between Croatia and Bosnia… for us from Balkans, from Yugoslavia… a lot of people are unfamiliar with the singer Severina, and she’s a Croatian holding a Bosnian flag and considering the war, it was a big thing to hold a Bosnian flag. So that’s why I posted that photo, because she was making [a symbol of] peace. To telling that there’s no bad blood between Croatian, Bosnia, Serbians… it’s just a nice feeling of unity. And that’s why I was posting that photo, because Bosnia was playing and I was proud that she was… so that’s not me at all.
S-Id: So that’s not even a picture of you at all?
IH: No. That’s not even me. It’s bizarre.
S-Id: So that’s a photo of… what’s her name? What’s the name of the girl holding the flag?
IH: Severina. It’s a Croatian singer.
S-Id: Everyone references that photo as being your before photo and…
IH: No. It’s like a forty-year old, no, a thirty-something, forty-three year [old photo]… She’s gorgeous. But that’s a very famous singer and anyone who is Balkan knows who she is. I would never post that photo claiming it’s me.

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[intense_blockquote color=”primary” font_color=”#000000″ width=”100%”]I was ten when I started developing. I’ve always looked much older than I was. I think my boobs were like huge… my breasts were huge when I was thirteen, fourteen, and I always tried to hide it. [/intense_blockquote]

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[Referencing a website that shall remained nameless for various reasons] There’s a photo of a girl that they alleged is your sister.

IH: Yeah. That’s my sister. 
S-Id: That is your sister.
IH: Yeah. 
S-Id: And of course, the internet being the internet, they look at your photo and they look at her photo and they compare to see the differences and similarities to make a measure of whether or not you’ve had work done.
IH: At the end of the day, my sister, if you see her, she’s very athletic, very curvy. She is curvy. She has a gorgeous behind and her hips… her body is to die for. I guess we’re just built differently. My sister is curvy, but I thinks she would be a more preferred type of curvy. I understand my curves are extreme. So yeah…
S-Id: When did you start developing body-wise?
IH: Oh my god… I remember… I was ten when I started developing. I’ve always looked much older than I was. I think my boobs were like huge… my breasts were huge when I was thirteen, fourteen, and I always tried to hide it. I was always really ashamed of it because… everyone liked the skinny girls and stuff like that.
S-Id: How much do you weigh?
IH: I weight 65 kilos (143lbs) now, I think.
S-Id: How tall are you?
IH: I’m 167cms. 5’6”. Ines Helene Interview
S-Id: So you were an early developer?
IH: Yes. Very early.
S-Id: And you always hid it because you were what, embarrassed?
IH: Yeah. I felt embarrassed [by] my body [for] a long time. Yes, I was an early developer.
S-Id: So you were popular in school with the boys?
IH: No. No, I wasn’t. All the boys wanted the little blonde, pretty, skinny girls. 
S-Id: Yeah, but guys always wants girls with boobs and ass. Even at an early age…
IH: That comes later in the teens. 
S-Id: So then you were popular in high school?
IH: No. No, I would not say I was popular in high school.
S-Id: When I say popular, a lot of the guys noticed you and knew about you and paid attention to you…
IH: I don’t know. I can’t say really. Not from what I experienced… No.
S-Id: Ok. Oookay. (Laughing).
IH: (Laughing)
S-Id: Maybe high school in, what, you went to school in Bosnia? Or Sweden?

IH: No, Sweden…
S-Id: Maybe the norm…
IH: (Talking on top of) The norm here is not curvy. It’s skinny.
S-Id: I think here in the states, when people think of Swedes they think of tall, pale, blonde hair, blue eyes. So I think there was a bit of disconnect when they see you because… I don’t know if this is a tan or your natural [skin] tone, but…
IH: This is my tone… yeah.
S-Id: That’s your natural color, right here?
IH: Yeah.

When confronted as to why her hand color didn’t match the color of her face, Ines explained that she had on makeup that consisted of powered and bronzer that made her skin tone a little darker. Being that the only thing we know about makeup is smokey eye, who the hell are we to argue. From here we discussed how people read that she is Swedish, but doesn’t fit the image of the average Swede [explained by a Balkan living and claiming Sweden as home], which added to the mystery surrounding her.

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[intense_blockquote color=”primary” font_color=”#000000″ width=”100%”]I’ve never seen myself as a sex symbol. I don’t promote myself out in lingerie. I posted a few bikini photos. I don’t know. I haven’t really tried to be a sex symbol. [/intense_blockquote]

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Ines Helene has a private Facebook, her infamous Instagram, a Twitter account, and no official website. She has a manager and plans of a website are in the works as she looks to expand her business and the Ines Helene brand. From here, we discussed the business of Ines Helene.

S-Id: Who are you? What do you do? Why should people give a shit?
IH: People should give a shit, because people like selfies, belfies [Editor’s Note: we fucking despise the term ‘belfie.’ For the love of Yeezus, why isn’t the official term for women self-taking pictures of their ass called “backshots?”] That’s the most appealing thing to people – pictures. Who I am? I’m a business-minded girl. I want to continue to start my own company and start doing stuff out on my social media. I already have a lot of ideas that I want to do. Look at Jen Selter. She’s huge now just from belfies [Editor’s Note: Arrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh!] It shows anything is possible. She’s making probably loads of money by taking these belfies. And it shows that people do care. Social media is so accessible. It’s the first thing you do when you go home from work – check your Instagram feed. Twitter. People do care about nonsense – belfies, selfies, it’s just how the world works.
S-Id: You don’t take it too seriously then, do you?
IH: No… like I do… how do you mean?
S-Id: I understand that you recognize that it could be a business for you, but in the grand scheme of things, you recognize it’s just photos?
IH: Of course I do, but I take it very seriously, because at the end of the day, if I would want to start a company, I would be my own marketing. I obviously do it because I enjoy it, but I want to make money off of it. 
S-Id: How has that been for you so far?
IH: I actually signed a few endorsement deals and sponsorships and product [deals]. Recently I signed a pretty good one. A big one. It’s only getting bigger, the more the following grows. 
S-Id: What kind of companies?
IH: Mostly fitness. Also waist training. Clothing companies. A lot of that. Mostly fitness. 
S-Id: Do you think of yourself as a role model?
IH: It depends on what way you look at it. I’m not trying to a role model for anyone. I’m trying to be a good human and do good. I try to be humble. I try to be myself; the best person I can be. If people look up to that, then I’m glad. But I’m a human, I make mistakes like anyone else. 
S-Id: How does it feel knowing that thousands, thousands of guys want you, who save your images and Lord knows what they do with these images on their phones and computers? What does that feel like?
IH: It’s not for me to speculate, but those thousands of guys [transmission breakup {Fuck Skype!}]… you have to take everything with a grain of salt. 
S-Id: Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?
IH: No (laughing). No, I don’t, but…
S-Id: Wait… even thought guys clearly want to have sex with you?
IH: I’ve never seen myself as a sex symbol. I don’t promote myself out in lingerie. I posted a few bikini photos. I don’t know. I haven’t really tried to be a sex symbol.
S-Id: (Interrupting) Wait… you haven’t tried? (Laughing) Hold on… Hold on…
IH: No! I was saying, I haven’t tried, but I do get why people see me as one with my belfies and revealing dresses, but ultimately it hasn’t been my goal.
S-Id: What is the goal then?
IH: I’ve told you what my goal is.
S-Id: From a brand perspective, what is the goal you want when people think of you that you want them to think?
IH: I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. A girl making money on Instagram looking good, I guess. [Pauses] No, I want them to see me as The Belfie Queen. 
S-Id: [References an Instagram photo of Ines Helene in a jacuzzi wearing a two-piece.] [Laughing] It’s really hard to…
IH: (Interrupting) I do understand it’s a very revealing photo. It’s actually one of my most revealing photos. Of course I hesitated before putting it up, but at the end of the day I don’t see myself as a sex symbol. If people want to see me as a sex symbol, they’re more than welcomed.

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[intense_blockquote color=”primary” font_color=”#000000″ width=”100%”]I’ve never done escorting or anything close to that in my life. It’s ridiculous. And it’s also a way of shaming women. [/intense_blockquote]

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S-Id: You had some stint on Instagram where you posted some stuff that caused some controversy. Your trip to Paris… your trip to Monaco. And that leads into the bigger issue… the rumors as far as you being an escort.
IH: They are absolutely false. I’ve never done escorting or anything close to that in my life. It’s ridiculous. And it’s also a way of shaming women. [Exacerbated] It’s just petty. Most of my trips have been from London to Sweden visiting my family, that’s all. And then I went to Paris one time, and then I go to Monaco and all of a sudden I’m an escort. That’s bizarre. 
S-Id: You went by yourself on these trips?
IH: No. After my breakup, I needed to get away. I went to visit friends in Paris and then I went on a business trip to do a deal with a company I’m working with now.
S-Id: A sponsor?
IH: Yeah, a sponsor-ship! A deal! (Laughing)
S-Id: (Laughing) A brand sponsor-ship. [Not to be confused with the other type of Instagram sponsors]

IH: So that was it. 

Ines Helene InterviewThere was a time frame where Ines Helene’s posts on Instagram and Twitter directly and indirectly spoke to relationships issues she was going through. She never delved into the specifics with her social media posts, but it was clear that she was in the middle of a tumultuous time. We asked her about it and she told us what had happened in her life and what she is currently going through. Because her situation has not been fully resolved, she asked that we not go into specifics as it may complicate matters in her life presently and we respect her wishes and need for privacy and diplomacy. She will say that the rumors about her behavior in her relationship and the reasons for its demise are not true. In addition, Ines has been accused of defending herself anonymously in blog comment sections, an allegation she categorically denies. She has read the blog posts and comments people have written about her and finds the whole thing sad and doesn’t want to give the creators any of her energy. 

S-Id: Are you currently dating, looking to date? How many eggplant photos you get in your DMs everyday? What’s that like for you?
At this point, Ines pulls the phone back a bit revealing a greater portion of her body. We lose all professionalism and start using the Lord’s name in vein as we fall victim to the #ThirstTrap. Dammit!
IH: I don’t think it’s a problem for me to date. Since this [relationship failed], it’s very hard to think of dating. I’m processing everything still.

S-Id: How does a guy meet you? How does a guy have a shot with you? Eggplant photo? What? No?
IH: No eggplant photos, but…
S-Id: So if a guy eggplants you, it’s automatically deaded. No chance?
IH: Yeah. 
S-Id: Noted.
IH: No chance for eggplants. Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. A humble person who is funny who enjoys life. I want to meet a good heart. 
S-Id: You’re not looking for a relationship now, but ultimately you would like to settle down?
IH: Of course. I’m not saying I’m not going to have a relationship now. I don’t know, I might meet the love of my life tomorrow. I’m not actively looking. It’s hard. 
S-Id: It’s hard because so many guys are trying to get at you now?
IH: (Laughing) I didn’t say that.
S-Id: I’m saying that. I can only imagine. How many DMs you get a day?
IH: I don’t know. [Checks her phone.] 485.
S-Id: 485?
IH: Yeah.
S-Id: Fucking aye!
IH: But I don’t think that’s during one day, I think that’s…
S-Id: No. Regardless. That can be a year. That’s a lot. Do you check them or you just leave them? 
IH: Sometimes. Before I tried to check them, I tried to answer, but it’s impossible to be able to open every single DM, but I tend to open DMs from girls. If I see it’s a girl, it’s probably a question or something.
S-Id: Girls don’t send eggplants picks, right?
IH: No, but I have had some sexual photos from girls as well..
S-Id: Word?
IH: Yeah. Girls trying to convert me.
S-Id: Are you girl friendly?
IH: I’m not saying I’m girl unfriendly, but I’ve only been with men. 
S-Id: Would you entertain the thought of being with a woman?
IH: No, I don’t think so.
S-Id: Not your thing, huh?
IH: No, it’s not my thing.
S-Id: Now that you’re taking a break from uni, what’s a typical day like for you?
IH: A typical day for me is to go over my emails with my manager, prepare photos for promotions and basically go gym. That’s it. Hang out with my family. That’s it.

Lost in the scratch disk that wouldn’t record for some reason, we asked Ines Helene about Playboy. ran a post on Ines and jacked our Swedish unicorn handle. When asked if the magazine has been in contact with her, she confirmed they have. When asked if she was posing for the magazine, she reluctantly confirmed. When asked if it was a nude shoot, she vehemently stated that it was not a nude shoot. Ines Helene emphatically stated that she would never pose nude. She couldn’t give anymore details regarding the shoot.

We asked Ines Helene if she had any parting words.

IH: I’m just a girl trying to live my life. Trying to be a good person. I’m not an escort or anything. If you get to know me I’m really goofy, funny, I like to laugh. There’s a person to the Instagram. She’s a pretty cool person to know. 

We wanted to know more. We also felt awful that the last third of the interview disappeared into the computer ether, so we arranged to do a follow-up with Ines Helene via WhatsApp’s voice texts. The follow up allowed us to double up on earlier questions to check for consistency in response, in addition to dig deeper on some issues. Forecasting the response to this interview on a whole, we wanted to make sure we covered things as thoroughly as possible to root out any inconsistencies or outright lies and deceptions, in addition, answer your overall questions and commentary.

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