Claudia Sampedro
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::Claudia Sampedro | Soft Stalking::

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Before the Internets, a guy could romance a woman by showing his appreciation and dedication to her in a variety of ways. Nowadays that’s creepy, you’re a stalker and you can catch a case. So to balance the two, Super-Id shows its lust/like/love by
Soft Stalking…


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Claudia Sampedro

Soft Stalking – Analog and Digital Admiration From Near and Far

We fucks with Claudia Sampedro. Any woman who has “CreatorOfLife” in her Twitter bio is a-okay in our book. She also has a warning on her Instagram that states “Not meant for the faint hearted, overly sensitive, scrutinizing, nor the hypercritical. I come in peace ✌Organized Chaos, follow at your own risk.” Our hearts flutter… Oh, you can also factor in how ridiculously smoking hot she is. Claudia, holla at us. We’re thick-skinned, have zero emotions (except lust), nor give a shit about most things. We’re perfect together. We won’t rest til you follow us on Twitter and Instagram and reply back. Or we start kicking puppies!

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This isn’t creepy, right… Right?